January 29, 2016Manufacturing Business TechnologyStewart Florsheim Manufacturing Trends for 2016

Stewart Florsheim talks about six important manufacturing trends for 2016, as well as an outlook for cloud ERP.

January 18, 2016Design NewsRob Spiegel Cloud-to-Cloud Design to ERP Integration

Rob Spiegel writes about the seamless integration between Kenandy Cloud ERP and Arena PLM. The integration was prompted by Primus Power, an energy storage company.

January 27, 2016The Westside StoryClinton Hesler What to Consider When Looking for an ERP Provider

Clinton Hesler writes about the benefits of cloud-based ERP, and refers to Kenandy: "Kenandy notes that systems should offer integration that "empower and adapt" to your business rather than your business adapting to the systems..."

January 14, 2016AppDeveloper MagazineStuart Parkerson A Deep Dive into the Salesforce AppExchange

Stuart Parkerson writes about the success of the AppExchange on its 10th anniversary. He interviews Jim Sinai, a Vice President of Marketing at Salesforce, who mentions Kenandy as "one of the incredible ERP apps" on the AppExchange.

January 11, 2016Salesforce BlogAndrew Gothelf Ten Years of AppExchange: Ten Business App Users Tell Their Real Stories

On the ten-year anniversary of the AppExchange, Andrew Gothelf writes about ten business app users, including Kenandy customer The Scott Fetzer Electrical Group.

January 11, 2016Enterprise IrregularsVinnie Mirchandani Salesforce: Time to spread wings

Vinnie says that Salesforce relies on partners like Kenandy to use its tools to penetrate the enterprise. He says that's fine, but the pace has been slow, and the window of opportunity is upon them.

January 4, 2016TECPJ Jakovljevic Kenandy Cloud ERP Sports Native Quote-to-Cash

PJ Jakovljevic writes about Kenandy's new quote-to-cash capability, and the benefits of having it integrated with a cloud ERP solution. He said the integration allows companies to gain real-time visibility into every stage of the quote-to-cash process and increase the overall efficiency of order management.

December 30, 2015DiginomicaDen Howlett Salesforce to pivot with Steelbrick acquisition

Den Howlett says Salesforce's acquisition of Steelbrick raises many competitive questions for providers on the Salesforce platform. He said that Kenandy "should be OK" since it plays in the manufacturing space.

December 25, 2015El PaisRosa Cano Bienvenidos a Casa Maravilla

Kenandy Consultant David Charola lives in a house in San Francisco with other high tech expats from Spain.

December 22, 2015EBNRahul Asthana 5 Tips to Get Your Systems Ready for the Connected Economy

Rahul writes about five important tips to consider when preparing to connect your products, services, and devices to the Internet.

December 21, 2015Network WorldRyan Francis New products of the week 12.21.15

Ryan Francis covers the significant new product offerings of the week, including Kenandy Quote-to-Cash.

December 15, 2015DiginomicaPhil Wainewright Kenandy broadens cloud ERP with CPQ, subscription billing

Phil Wainewright writes about Kenandy's new CPQ offering, and says the announcement does a good job of differentiating Kenandy against competitors in the cloud ERP space.

November 16, 2015TechTargetLauren Gibbons Paul Why cloud ERP software is the best choice for manufacturing SMBs

Lauren Paul starts off her piece with a bold statement: There is no doubt--Cloud ERP software is taking the world by storm. She discusses the Kenandy implementation at the Scott Fetzer Electrical Group as an example of an SMB that has flourished on the cloud.

October 29, 2015Beyond PLMOleg Shilovitsky Will Cloud Change the Way We Integrate PLM and ERP?

Oleg discusses the important role integration plays in PLM implementations. He writes about the Kenandy-Arena integration, mentioning that it leverages service APIs on both sides for efficient and granular data integration.

October 22, 2015San Francisco Business TimesSan Francisco Business Times Chuck Berger: People on the Move

Chuck Berger was recognized as one of the executives "on the move" by the San Francisco Business Times.

October 13, 2015DiginomicaStuart Lauchlan Salesforce Ventures into Europe to Woo the "Children of Benioff"

Stuart Lauchlan reports that Salesforce Ventures is venturing into Europe in search of additions to its growing ecosystem of partners. He references Kenandy as one of the Salesforce Ventures success stories.

October 6, 2015Sandhill.comStewart Florsheim How the Sharing Economy Impacts Software Firms

Stewart Florsheim is one of the respondents to the question, "In what ways do you think the rapidly developing sharing economy will affect software businesses?"

October 5, 2015Computer Technology ReviewStewart Florsheim To Choose the Right ERP, First Choose the Right Platform

Stewart Florsheim writes about the importance of choosing the right platform when deciding on a new ERP system. The right platform will--among other benefits--give you the agility you need to grow your business.

September 29, 20153000 NewswireRon Seybold ERP Migrations Move Classics onto Cloud

Ron Seybold attended a Kenandy demo webinar, and then wrote about the benefits of moving a legacy ERP system onto the cloud.

September 28, 2015StrativaFrank Scavo Kenandy: Against the Tide of Two-Tier ERP

Frank Scavo says that, when it comes to large enterprises, Kenandy is interested in taking a strategic role, such as providing an orchestration solution for new lines of business. He also says that Kenandy is clearly interested in providing a solution to midsize companies.

September 24, 2015Mint JutrasCindy Jutras What Does Fishing Have to Do With Salesforce? #DF15

Cindy Jutras discusses her impressions of Dreamforce--including the continuing importance of platform (in this case, the Salesforce Platform). She writes about the ERP vendors developing on the platform, leading with Kenandy, and how Kenandy has benefited from its decision.

September 21, 2015ForbesJason Bloomberg Salesforce Ecosystem: Growth Beyond the Cloud

Jason Bloomberg writes about the expansive Salesforce ecosystem, including Kenandy as one of the leading ERP vendors.

September 15, 2015Power EngineeringPower Engineering Kenandy Brings Enterprise-Class ERP to Midsize Companies

Power Engineering reports that Kenandy's powerful software is now being used to fuel growth and innovation at midsize companies.

September 11, 2015DiginomicaPhil Wainewright Kurtzig Hands Over Reins as Kenandy CEO

Phil Wainewright writes about Kenandy's new CEO, as well as Kenandy's wins in the marketplace and strategy.

September 10, 2015Silicon Valley Business JournalCromwell Schubarth Pioneering Silicon Valley Woman Tech CEO Hands Reins of Latest Company to a Man

Cromwell Schubarth writes about Sandy Kurtzig's decision to replace herself as CEO (with a man!) and step up to the Executive Chairman role at Kenandy.

September 3, 2015TECPJ Jakovljevic Integrated Cloud PLM and ERP Software for More Effective Product Development

PJ writes about the many benefits of integrated cloud PLM and ERP--including that the product record can be automatically passed at the point changes are approved. He mentions Kenandy and Arena as an example of successful integration.

September 1, 2015CIOChris Doig How Agile Techniques Can Improve Enterprise Software Implementation

Enterprise software implementations are famous for being late and exceeding budget. In this article, Chris Doig interviews Dan Raven, a project management consultant, about the benefits of agile implementation--a technique he has used when implementing Kenandy.

August 31, 2015IT BriefcaseRahul Asthana The Value of a Two-Tier Application Strategy

In this interview, Rahul Asthana, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Kenandy, discusses why enterprises opt for a two-tier stategy, and the related best practices.

August 28, 2015The Manufacturing ConnectionGary Mintchell Real-Time Synchronization of Product Data

Gary Mintchell writes about the benefits of real-time product synchronization provided by the integration between Kenandy and Arena PLM. He offers the case study of Primus Power, a clean tech company that has seen a dramatic increase in efficiency by using both solutions together.

August 11, 2015IndustryWeekVijay Hotanahalli Better Together: ERP and Trade Promotion Management

Vijay Hotanahalli, product manager at Kenandy, writes about the many benefits of integrating trade promotion management with a cloud ERP system.

July 26, Reynolds Queen of Silicon Valley Sandra Kurtzig

Emma Reynolds writes about Sandy's success and some of her principles. Says Sandy, on the importance of taking risks and making mistakes, "That's what entrepreneurship is all about. It's not mistakes that are the issue, it's not learning from them."

July 13, 2015Data Center KnowledgeStewart Florsheim SaaS Steps Over the Line--and Closer to Customers

Stewart Florsheim, VP of Marketing at Kenandy, says that SaaS offers a new paradigm that promotes partnership between the vendor and the customer.

July 14, 2015Food ManufacturingRohan Patel Changing Your ERP? Change Up Your Business Processes, Too

Rohan Patel, Business Consulting Manager at Kenandy, writes about the core principles he followed when he implemented Kenandy at Big Heart Pet Brands: automate order entry as much as you; shift workflows online; and refine the processes until get them right.

July 8, 2015The Huffington PostLisen Stromberg Sandra Kurtzig: The Original Silicon Valley "Mompreneur"

Lisen Stromberg dives into the meaning of success with Sandy Kurtzig--and it's clearly not all about money.

July 9, 2015Supply Demand ChainVijay Hotanahalli Want to Maximize Your Return on Investment on Promotions?

Vijay Hotanahalli, Product Manager at Kenandy, says that integrating TPM with ERP or supply chain systems at multiple touch points--such as pricing processes, billing and shipping--can maximize the impact of promotions. 

July 7, 2015SmashdLisen Stromberg History Lesson: An Original Female Founder

Lisen Stromberg captures Sandy Kurtzig's originality: a successful entrepreneur who claims that women can have it all (as long as they know what will make them happy).

June 29, 2015ForbesChristopher Wilder This Isn't Your Father's Midmarket Enterprise System

Christopher Wilder talks about five trends you need to know about ERP systems for the midmarket today. He mentions Kenandy as one of the application vendors serving the market.

June 25, 2015AlwaysOnAlwaysOn Kenandy Wins AlwaysOn Global 250 Award

Kenandy is one of the winners of the AlwaysOn Global 250 Award, representing the most promising private companies across the global technology landscape.

June 24, 2015Cloud Innovation World CupCloud Innovation World Cup Kenandy is a Finalist in the Cloud Innovation World Cup

Kenandy was the only cloud ERP software vendor to be named as a finalist in the Cloud Innovation World Cup. The award honors leaders in the field of cloud computing.

June 23, 2015ForbesChristine Crandell Lessons Serial CEOs Wish They Knew When They Started

Christine Crandell offers lessons from serial CEOs, including Sandy Kurtzig. Says Kurtzig, "If an emerging trend looks strong and is better than what you're working with, embrace it."

June 17, 2015CNBCAri Levy A Female Tech Giant's Second Swan Song

Ari Levy writes about Sandy's illustrious career as a Silicon Valley "tech giant." He also talks about her two enterpreneurial sons--and how the spirit is catching on with the third generation of Kurtzigs.

June 10, 2015Salesforce BlogStewart Florsheim 6 Ways Cloud ERP Supports Innovation and Growth

Stewart Florsheim, VP of Marketing at Kenandy, explains the six ways cloud ERP supports growth and innovation for single-site manufacturers and large multinational organizations.

June 9, 2015DiginomicaDen Howlett Primus Power Credits Ease of Use for Success With Kenandy

Primus Power demonstrates that small businesses can overcome complexity when modern, user-focused cloud systems are the solution. In this case, it's Kenandy.

June 9, 2015Supply Chain DrainVijay Hotanahalli Are Your Trade Promotions Pulling in Sales or Dragging Down Profits?

Vijay Hotanahalli, Product Manager at Kenandy, writes about the importance of having a SaaS-based trade promotion management system that can be integrated with your ERP.

May 29, 2015ForbesKevin O'Marah Five Disruptive Technologies that Will Create Jobs

O'Marah writes about five disruptive technologies that will create jobs, including cloud computing. He mentions Kenandy in that category, as one of the software companies that will support efficient growth for large enterprises.

May 27, 2015Consumer Goods TechnologyAlarice Rajagopal McLain Named 2015 CGT Visionary

Dave McLain, Senior Vice President and CIO of Big Heart Pet Brands, was named a 2015 Visionary by Consumer Goods Technology. Says McLain, "This transition to products such as, Kenandy, and Workday drove an on trend 45% reduction in IT costs while enabling mobile and integration improvements."

May 12, 2015Dan Raven's BlogDan Raven Kenandy ERP on the Salesforce Platform

Dan Raven writes about his experience implementing Kenandy at Big Heart Pet Brands. He writes, "...with Kenandy ERP experience on the Salesforce Platform, I am in awe of the possibilities."

May 6, 2015Energy Storage AssociationEnergy Storage Association Primus Power Turns to Kenandy Cloud ERP

The Energy Storage Association reports that Primus Power chose Kenandy Cloud ERP to support their growing business.

May 1, 2015Manufacturing Business TechnologyRob Goldiez Want to Manufacture Intelligent Products?

Rob Goldiez, General Manager of the Scott Fetzer Electrical Group, writes about the main factors that drove him to Kenandy: the desire to have a product that's easy to use, that can help modernize their business processes, and that can facilitate innovation.

April 15, 2015Los Altos Town CrierEliza Ridgeway How to Pass a Business Gene Across Generations

Sandy Kurtzig's granddaughter, Jamie, has the entrepreneur gene as well! Jamie developed WetPad, a submersible iPad cover.

April 8, 2015Sandhill.comStewart Florsheim Cloud ERP: Your Competitors Aren't Waiting

Research from a wide variety of sources documents the adoption of cloud ERP by companies that want to support rapid business growth and innovation.

March 30, 2015Manufacturing.netBridget Bergin Creative Revamp: Q&A with Charlie Merrow

In this interview, Charlie Merrow, CEO of the Merrow Sewing Machine Company, talks about why he chose Kenandy and some of the benefits of the system.

March 19, 2015Salesforce BlogStewart Florsheim Cloud ERP: 3 Reasons Why You Can't Afford to Wait

In today's rapidly evolving business environment, the ability to quickly adapt and change is critical. Stewart Florsheim writes about the 3 reasons why you need to move to the cloud now to remain competitive.

March 17, 2015Consumer Goods TechnologySandra Kurtzig Prioritizing for Growth

In a guest column, Sandy Kurtzig says that software that's produced today must meet specific requirements to help companies grow and compete. She applies her ideas to consumer goods companies like Big Heart Pet Foods.

March 17, 2015InformationWeekDoug Henschen Microsoft Cloud First Push...Lags in ERP

Doug Henschen discusses Microsoft's lackluster attempt to produce a production-ready cloud ERP system. He gives a plug to Kenandy, by citing us as one of the fast-growing cloud ERP vendors with a product for the midmarket.

March 3, 2015Smart BusinessSandra Kurtzig Buckle up!

Sandy Kurtzig says the modern workplace is changing--thanks to technology, and how it's informing the way we get things done.

February 25, 2015Los Altos Town CrierWendy Carpenter Pioneers tell their 'Silicon Valley Stories'

Sandy Kurtzig was recently part of a panel of Silicon Valley pioneers who spoke about their businesses and what the future holds for the valley. The panel was held in conjunction with the History Museum's ongoing "Silicon Valley: The Lure and Legends" exhibition.

February 11, 20153000 Newswire3000 Newswire ERP that Goes Places that are Invisible

3000 Newswire talks about the move to cloud ERP, referencing a recent Kenandy blog, Cloud ERP: Inertia is Not an Option.

January 30, 2015ZDNetOliver Marks The Growing Digital Divide

Oliver Marks says that the digital divide is still apparent in the world of enterprise software, and mentions Kenandy as a credible alternative to the old-line behemoths.

January 28, 2015InformationWeekKevin Casey Cloud ERP: 9 Emerging Options

Kevin Casey offers snapshots of nine emerging cloud ERP options, including Kenandy.

January 22, 2015The Manufacturing ConnectionGary Mintchell Manufacturing Software in the Cloud Supports Innovation

Gary Mintchell reports on Scott Fetzer Electrical Group's recent implementation of Kenandy. In an interview with Sandy Kurtzig and SFEG General Manager Rob Goldiez, Goldiez says Kenandy's agility enables his company to support innovative products and business processes.

January 16, 2015Manufacturing Business TechnologyStewart Florsheim 3 Ways to Make Your Business Agile

Stewart Florsheim discusses three ways to make your business agile: identify organizational bottlenecks, seek best-of-breed solutions to resolve them, prepare for constant change.

January 14, 2015ForbesBen Kepes Midmarket Getting Sexier

Ben Kepes says the midmarket is getting sexier! He says that FinancialForce is being positioned as the Salesforce ecosystem PSA vendor of choice so as to make way for Kenandy as the anointed ERP vendor.

January 6, 2015PR NewswireHMG Strategy LLC 2015 Global Innovation Summit to Address Market Disruption

Sandy Kurtzig will be one of the speakers at the 2015 Global Innovation Summit in Palo Alto on January 13. She will be interviewed by HMG President and CEO Hunter Muller about current trends in cloud computing.

January 1, 2015Wall St. JournalSandra Kurtzig Hire the Person, Not Just the Experience

Hiring the right people is one of the most important things that Sandy does. In this article, she discusses how she hires people--and having the right experience is only a small part of it.

December 16, 2014ForbesKurt Marko The SAP Money Pit

"There's a giant sucking sound emanating from most large enterprise IT departments," writes Marko. "It's called SAP." Marko writes about the SAP money pit--and the importance of the flexible, cost effective SaaS options, like Kenandy.

December 8, 2014Tech Pro ResearchBrian Taylor Enterprise startups: The cream of the new technology crop

Enterprise software startups have raised $5.4B in the first half of 2014. Brian Taylor profiles ten of the most promising startups, including Kenandy.

December 2, 2014Financial Post (Canada)Financial Post Canada's 100 Most Powerful Women

Lynda Partner, Chief Communications Officer at the Redline Communications Group, regards Sandy Kurtzig as her inspiration. Says Partner, "She was tough and determined yet totally feminine..."

December 5, 2014Huffington PostLisen Stromberg Society's Bias Against Motherhood

In spite of society's apparent bias against motherhood, Lisen Stromberg mentions that many high-achieving women, like Sandy Kurtzig, have been able to incorporate motherhood with their careers.

December 2, 2014Sand HillVinnie Mirchandani There Will Be Churn: SAP Nation

Vinnie writes about his newly released book, SAP Nation. He includes a story about a Kenandy client who considered SAP before choosing Kenandy.

November 25, 2014Folha de S. PauloBruno Favero First Woman to Take a Tech Company Public

Bruno Favero discusses Sandy Kurtzig's career as a high tech entrepreneur. (NOTE: The article is in the leading newspaper in Sao Paulo, Brazil, so it's in Portuguese.)

November 20, 2014ForresterTJ Keitt The Cloud Will Drive Agility into Your Customer Experience Ecosystem

TJ Keitt discusses the benefits of agility, including the lowered business cost of experimentation and faster development of innovations. He mentions Kenandy as one of the companies that has benefited from quick development of innovative applications.

November 1, 2014The Enterprise System SpectatorFrank Scavo The Maturing of ERP on the Salesforce Platform

Frank Scavo discusses Kenandy, as well as a few other companies that produce cloud ERP software on the Salesforce Platform. Scavo says that when Big Heart Pet Brands goes lives with Kenandy, they will be the largest company running a cloud-only ERP system.

October 27, 2014Sand HillKathleen Goolsby Silicon Valley Pioneers Recall How Its Unique Culture Was Shaped

Kathleen Goolsby visits with many Silicon Valley pioneers to discuss the culture of the area, including Sandy Kurtzig. Says Kurtzig, "I don't think people who were living in the area thought about it much other than they could hire good people out of Stanford and Berkeley."

October 13, 2014eWeekChris Preimesberger Salesforce Adds Wave Analytics to it Cloud Services Lineup

Chris Preimesberger discusses the release of Wave, Salesforce's new Cloud Analytics application, and mentions Kenandy as one of the Salesforce ISVs participating in the launch. Kenandy presented a demo of Wave at Dreamforce, using data from Kenandy's new Trade Promotion Management application.

October 20, 2014Beagle ResearchDenis Pombriant Platform Native

Kenandy, Apttus and ServiceMax are the Salesforce native apps that form ForceUnited, a consortium formed by the companies several months ago. Denis Pombriant discusses the value of the consortium, including the way it promotes integration of end-to-end business processes.

October 13, 2014InformationWeekDoug Henschen Unveils Wave Analytics Cloud

Doug Henschen writes about the launch of Wave, including commentary by Sandy Kurtzig: "(Wave) will help our customers see trends among their customers and then make better decisions about demand planning."

October 14, 2014eWeekChris Preimesberger Salesforce Launches Lightning Dev Platform for Mobile Devices

Chris Preimesberger writes about the launch of the new Lightning development platform, and includes a comment by Sandy Kurtzig: "Our customers expect to have their app needs met before they know they have a need."

October 14, 2014DiginomicaDen Howlett Sewing as a Service? Check out Merrow and Kenandy

Den Howlett writes about the way the 176-year old sewing machine company became a services business--with Kenandy at the core of the transformation.

October 13, 2014eWeekChris Preimesberger Cloud ERP Provider Kenandy Expands Service Offering

Chris Premiesberger writes about Kenandy innovations launched at Dreamforce, including Trade Promotion Management. He also mentions that Kenandy was part of the launch of Wave, the new Salesforce Analytics Cloud ecosystem.

October 9, Kenandy to Showcase New Innovations at Dreamforce

Kenandy will be showcasing new innovations at Dreamforce, which takes place October 13-16 in San Francisco. The innovations include Trade Promotion Management, as well as many new features that make global enterprises more agile and efficient.

October 2, 2014FortuneJennifer Reingold Sandy Kurtzig, Founder of Kenandy

Jennifer Reingold talks to Sandy about being the first woman to take a high tech company public, among other topics.

October 1, 2014CNBCAndrew Sorkin Kurtzig on CNBC Squawkbox: The Cutting Edge of the Cloud

Sandy Kurtzig covers an array of topics on CNBC Squawkbox including the paradigm shift in cloud computing, and Oracle post Ellison as CEO. (NOTE: This is only a segment of the entire clip.)

October 1, 2014Barron'sTiernan Ray Tech Pioneer Kurtzig Revisits the Enterprise with Kenandy

Tiernan Ray summarizes Sandy's history in tech, and explains why she is excited about cloud computing.

September 22, 2014InformationWeekDoug Henschen Ellison & 7 Other Tech Lions Still Roaring

Doug Henschen reports that Ellison is not really "stepping down" but "stepping up." He compares Ellison's non-retirement to other tech giants, like Sandy Kurtzig.

September 22, 2014Sand HillSandra Kurtzig Challenging the Status Quo in Enterprise IT

Sandy Kurtzig writes about the impact of not challenging the status quo in enterprise IT, such as slowing down the opportunity to enter new markets, and stifling internal innnovation.

September 19, 2014San Jose Mercury NewsSteve Johnson Larry Ellison gives up his job after four decades

Steve Johnson discusses Ellison's departure from Oracle, including commentary from Sandy Kurtzig: "I predict a rocky road ahead for Oracle as it struggles to reshape itself without its leading figure."

August 28, 2014FortuneHeather Clancy Data Sheet: FAQ with Sandy Kurtzig

Heather Clancy has a discussion with Sandy on a wide range of topics including why she started Kenandy, why she is careful about choosing customers, and diversity in the technology industry.

August 27, 2014Beagle ResearchDenis Pombriant Beagle Research's WizKids 2014

Kenandy is one of the winners of Beagle Research's WizKid Awards, honoring vendors producing innovative software on the Salesforce1 Platform.

August 27, 2014TechTargetChina Martens Cloud vendors dish up vertical applications

China Martens says that cloud vendors are beginning to develop vertical apps. She mentions Kenandy as one of the vendors expanding into verticals, like food and beverage.

August 27, 2014San Jose MercurySan Jose Mercury Stephen Cumming Joins Kenandy, Inc. as Chief Financial Officer

Kenandy, Inc. announced today that Stephen Cumming has been appointed Chief Financial Officer. Cumming brings more than 20 years of global finance and operations experience to the role.

August 15, 2014The EconomistPatrick Lane Workers of the world, log in

Patrick Lane writes about the popularity of LinkedIn for recruiters, job seekers, and many others. He interviews Frank Han, Kenandy's Manager of Talent Acqusition, who says that he filled nearly half of Kenandy's recent hires by using LinkedIn.

August 8, 2014INCPeter Cohan 3 Traits That Make Women Better Entrepreneurs

Would the start-up world be better off if more of them were started by women? In a far-ranging interview with Peter Cohan, Sandy Kurtzig discusses three traits that make women better entrepreneurs.

August 5, 2014Database Trends and ApplicationsJoe McKendrick Speed and Performance in Oracle's Spotlight This Year

McKendrick discusses Oracle's focus on speed and performance, and he concludes that speed isn't just an issue for Oracle's database offerings, but it impacts the ERP business as well. Says Kurtzig, "Traditional ERP models like Oracle's...require costly, extensive customizations. This means that upgrades tend to be...slow."

July 23, 2014PCMag.comMichael Miller 9 Lessons Learned at Fortune Brainstorm Tech

Michael Miller presents a synopsis of the Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference, including the panel on the future of work that included Sandy Kurtzig. Said Kurtzig, "This is the age of empowering people" and talked about many benefits, including how automation will give people more time to spend with their families.

July 21, 2014ForbesTom Taulli Why You Should Build Your Company on

Tom Taulli reports from the CIO Innovators Summit that was held on July 16. The companies that participated in the event--Kenandy, ServiceMax, and Apttus--develop their applications on the Salesforce1 Platform, and are very pleased with the technology. Says Sandy Kurtzig, "To be successful today, you need speed and agility. This is what the Salesforce1 Platform brings us."

July 16, 2014Wall St. JournalSteven Norton and Clint Boulton Why Big Companies Delay Using the Cloud for Some Applications

Steven Norton and Clint Boulton explain why some companies are slow to adopt the cloud for some applications, like ERP. T o counter that stance, he cites Sandy Kurtzig who says that large companies look to cloud ERP when they need to get an acquisition up and running quickly, or want to expand into new markets. Says Kurtzig, "People are talking to us because we have the system that's built for the future, not for the past."

July 8, 2014Information WeekDoug Henschen Rising Enterprise Software Spending Won't Lift IT

Henschen refers to a recent Gartner report that says enterprise software used to be an engine of growth for the entire IT market, but with the move to cloud computing, those days are gone. He mentions Kenandy as an ERP solution for enterprises that want to react quickly to the market environment.

July 8, 2014AlwaysOnAlwaysOn The 2014 AlwaysOn Global 250 Top Private Companies

Kenandy is a winner! We placed in the category, B2B--SaaS and Enterprise.

July 8, 2014Business @IT Business NetBusiness @IT Business Net Apttus, Kenandy and ServiceMax Announce Summit

Apttus, Kenandy and ServiceMax, who recently launched the first consortium of leading software companies built 100% native on the Salesforce1 Platform, announced the final agenda for their inaugural CIO Innovators Summit, which will take place on July 16 in Menlo Park.

June 11, 2014Supply Chain MattersBob Ferrari Highlights of the Gartner Supply Chain Conference

Bob Ferrari presents part two of his synopsis of the Gartner Supply Chain Conference. He notes that the conference was "the opportunity for Kenandy to announce its presence" to the supply chain community.

June 16, 2014Wall St. JournalClint Boulton Google Fiber Could Accelerate 'Bet Your Business' Software in the Cloud

Clint Boulton says Google has the potential to improve business services, including cloud software running critical applications. He quotes Kenandy President Rod Butters, "By having a robust high-speed backbone, that increases peoples' confidence that they can bet their business on it."

June 16, 2014Get SatisfactionEmily Gran Kenandy: Supporting Large Enterprise Customers with Community

Get Satisfaction reports on the many benefits Kenandy is realizing by supporting its enterprise customers with the Kenandy Community.

June 11, 2014Business-Software.comTom Woolf ERP in the Cloud: If You Build It, Will They Come?

Woolf starts off by mentioning Gartner's prediction, that by 2016, 30% of organizations will move their ERP to the cloud, and by 2017, 70% will be using hybrid ERP systems. He says that Salesforce is becoming a vendor to be reckoned with, with partners like Kenandy.

June 9, 2014Information WeekInformation Week Future of Cloud Interview: Kenandy

Sandy Kurtzig discusses the new cloud paradigm at the InformationWeek Conference in Las Vegas. The conference took place in March.

June 3, 2014SandHill.comKamesh Pemmaraju Sand Hill 50 Agile and Innovative in Cloud

Kamesh lists 50 companies (including Kenandy!) that produce cloud-based software, and meet very specific criteria including: unique value proposition, ecosystem, investors and management team, customers, industry influence and buzz.

May 13, 2014Yahoo FinanceYahoo Finance Kenandy to Announce New Innovations at Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

Kenandy is one of the sponsors of the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, and will be presenting a session about business transformation on the cloud. The innovations that Kenandy will be showcasing include real-time general ledger and real-time traceability.

May 13, 2014AlwaysOnAlwaysOn The 2014 OnDemand Top 100 Private Companies

Kenandy is a winner! We placed in the category, "On-Demand Software--Business Management Applications."

May 9, 2014CNBCAndrew Sorkin Sandra Kurtzig Appears on CNBC's Squawk Box

Recorded on May 9, 2014, just before Mother's Day, Sandy talks about being a CEO and a mom, why she came out of retirement to start Kenandy, and the opportunity on the cloud. (NOTE: This is only a segment of the entire clip.)

May 2, 2014San Francisco Business TimesSan Francisco Business Times The Most Influential Women in the Bay Area, 2014

Sandy Kurtzig was named one of the most influential women in the Bay Area in 2014 by the San Francisco Business Times.

May 1, 2014ZDNetConner Forrest Seven upstarts to watch in enterprise apps

Conner Forrest writes about seven companies that offer great alternatives to the big incumbents in enterprise apps--and Kenandy is one of the upstarts.

April 28, 2014Enterprise IrregularsMichael Fauscette Moving Beyond Application Silos

Mike Fauscette says that one of the challenges that many companies have today is working collaboratively in the face of organizations that are silo'ed. He says that Kenandy helps resolve that because we provide complete business processes, not individual apps that foster silos.

April 28, 2014DiginomicaPhil Wainewright Restless Salesforce Natives Form New Gang

Phil Wainewright discusses the software companies (like Kenandy) that have chosen Salesforce as their development platform--and are thriving as a result.

April 22, 2014Broadway WorldGeeks News Desk Apttus, Kenandy, and ServiceMax Announce Force United Consortium

Apttus, Kenandy, and ServiceMax announced the formation of Force United, a group of leading software companies developing applications that are native to the Salesforce1 Platform.

April 16, 2014SandHill.comKathleen Goolsby Conversation with Sandy Kurtzig, Silicon Valley Leader and Pioneer

In an extensive interview conducted by Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor of, Sandy Kurtzig discusses many topics such as why she started Kenandy, the differences beween starting a company vs starting a company in the ASK days, and her advice for women leaders.

April 2, 2014ZDNetBrian Sommer No one has done cloud ERP--Not so fast!

Brian Sommers refutes several claims made by Kirill Tatarinov, EVP for Microsoft Business Solutions, including that "no one has done cloud ERP." He cites Kenandy as living proof that cloud ERP is alive and well.

April 1, 2014ForbesHollie Slade Entrepreneurs--What You Need to Know

Reporter Hollie Slade has a candid discussion with Sandy Kurtzig about entrepreneurship, business and work-life balance.

March 28, 2014BloombergKathleen Hays Kenandy's Kurtzig Aims to Take On Oracle, SAP in Cloud

In a wide-ranging interview with Kathleen Hays and Vonnie Quinn, Sandy Kurtzig discusses her new venture, Kenandy, and how cloud ERP will help transform businesses.

March 19, 2014Mint JutrasCindy Jutras Next Generation ERP: Kenandy's Approach

Cindy Jutras discusses why Kenandy qualifies as next generation ERP. Her criteria include: new ways of engaging with ERP; custom configuration without programming; more innovation; better integration.

March 13, 2014Chicago TribuneAmina Elahi A women-in-tech legend is like, 'We're Still Talking About This?'

Amina Elahi has a candid conversation with Sandy Kurtzig about women in technology. Says Kurtzig, "I'm not into Lean In (referring to Sheryl Sandberg's book). The most important thing is for women to decide what they want to do."

March 10, 2014MercuryNews.comKenandy Helix LInear Technologies Goes Live on Kenandy Cloud ERP

Helix Linear Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nook Industries, went live on Kenandy Cloud ERP. Helix integrated Kenandy with their website, their CAD engine, and Salesforce to facilitate their order-to-cash process.

March 6, 2014Salesforce BlogStewart Florsheim 3 Ways Customer Communities Help Your Business Thrive

Stewart Florsheim writes about the benefits of customer communities, including the ability to collaborate, to be more producitve, and to build better products.

February 26, 2014ReutersReuters John Wookey Joins the Kenandy Board of Directors

Kenandy announed today that John Wookey, EVP of Social Applications at, joined the Kenandy Board of Directors.

February 20, 2014InformationWeekChris Murphy Digital Business Strategy: 8 Gut-Check Questions

Chris Murphy says it's time to ask the uncomfortable questions about digital business! One of his questions is about the new wave of enterprise IT, and he mentions Kenandy as one of the disruptors. (Sandra Kurtzig will be part of the Digital Disruptors panel at the InformationWeek Conference in Las Vegas on March 31.)

February 6, 2014Consumer Goods TechnologyConsumer Goods Technology Del Monte Foods Utilizes Cloud ERP

Consumer Goods Technology reports that Del Monte Foods implemented Kenandy at a recent acquisition, Natural Balance Pet Foods. Says CIO Dave McLain, "One of the many reasons why Del Monte selected Kenandy was because we wanted a system that's flexible--one that can easily adapt to business changes such as new acquisitions, while offering enterprise-class capabilities."

February 4, 2014Tribridge BlogRob Curls Why Enterprise Applications are Moving to the Cloud

Rob Curls discusses why cloud computing is changing the way companies do business. He cites cloud expert Sandra Kurtzig in her recent column in Information Week, where she talks about the benefits of the agile enterprise.

January 29, 2014IDG News ServiceChris Kanaracus Gartner: Today's ERP Systems Will Soon Get the "Legacy" Label

Chris Kanaracus cites a report from Gartner that explains how today's highly customized on-premise ERP systems are looking a bit "long in the tooth." He mentions Kenandy as one of the cloud ERP options.

January 17, 2014Global Intelligence for the CIOJessica Twentyman Del Monte Leverages Cloud as Aid to M&A

Del Monte CIO Dave McLain discusses his success with Kenandy ERP. Says writer Jessica Twentyman, "The project has been so successful that Del Monte is now in the process of transitioning the rest of its substantial pet food business, including brands such as Miaow Mix, Milke Bone, and Nine Lives, over to Kenandy."

January 10, 2014Associated PressChristopher Rugaber Surprisingly Weak Job Report Puzzles Economists

Even though the latest jobs report was weak, Chris Rugaber reports that hiring improved in several sectors, including information technology. He interviewed Sandy Kurtzig, who said that Kenandy expects to double its nearly 100-person staff this year, after doubling it in 2013.

January 10, 2014The Enterprise System SpectatorFrank Scavo Four Cloud ERP Providers on the Salesforce Platform

Frank Scavo talks about the benefits of Kenandy, as compared to three other companies that provide ERP-related software on the cloud.

January 10, 2014Bloomberg BusinessWeekDiane Brady Benioff Uses His Platform to Pitch Products CEO Marc Benioff promoted the "Internet of Things" at the Salesforce1 World Tour in New York City, focusing on the products manufactured by his customers. He also promoted several of his partners, including Kenandy. As Sandy Kurtzig came on the main stage, he called her "a legend in the industry." You can see a video of Sandy at Marc's keynote.

January 9, 2014CRM.comSarah Sluis Benioff Details Vision for Salesforce1 CEO Marc Benioff kicked off the Salesforce1 world tour in New York City discussing the benefits of the new mobile-centered Salesforce1 platform. Sandy Kurtzig participated in the keynote.

January 8, 2014TechTargetVictoria McClurg Blue Clover Devices Revamps Business with Kenandy

As businesses develop an international presence, they need an ERP system that can support global features such as multicurrency and multi-language. Blue Clover chose Kenandy for that reason, as well as several others, including the ability to manage all their business operations with one system.

January 6, 2014Salesforce BlogSandra Kurtzig Manufacturers Can Adapt on the Cloud

Sandra Kurtzig says that manufacturers need to respond to ever-quickening business events like new acquisitions, changes in demand, new products, and different kinds of supply chains. The cloud provides an excellent "architecture for change" because of elements such as multitenancy, point-and-click customization, and open APIs.

January 2, 2014Saugatuck TechnologyCharlie Burns The Year Ahead: Looking Forward to 2014

Charlie Burns groups Saugatuck's predictions into 3 main categories: platforms and verticals, performance and architecture, and governance and risk. When he writes about performance and architecture, he gives Kenandy as an example of an innovative solution that benefits from integrated social networks.

January 2, 2014Mint JutrasCindy Jutras Cloud ERP: Is Kenandy and a marriage made in heaven?

Cindy Jutras reports that Kenandy on the platform has the qualifications necessary to be considered as a next-generation ERP: new ways of engaging with ERP, custom configuration without programming, more innovation, better integration.

December 30, 2013The Strategic SourcerorThe Strategic Sourceror Why Companies are Looking to SaaS Applications for Supply Chain Data

In this blog, The Strategic Sourcerer says that being able to access the right kind of information is integral to supply chain optimization. They reference Sandy Kurtzig's recent article in InformationWeek where she talks about the value of real-time data. Says Kurtzig, "An ERP system has to offer continuous visibility. The agile manufacturer needs to respond quickly when requirements change."

December 27, 2013Business-Software.comKiri Bowman Cloud ERP Alternatives to NetSuite

In this column, Bowman acknowledges that more and more software segments are leveraging cloud advancements, and ERP vendors are now following suit. One of her readers asked if there are any good cloud ERP alternatives to NetSuite, and she mentioned Kenandy as one of three comprehensive solutions that companies should consider.

December 23, 2013InformationWeekSandra Kurtzig Business Apps Belong in the Cloud

In this column, Sandy Kurtzig says that manufacturing companies need to change their worlds because the world around them is changing. With that, she explains how the cloud provides agility, and agility is one of the key features that manufacturers need today to stay competitive.

December 20, 2013The StreetJim Cramer Tech Buys for 2014

Jim Cramer reports that the new holy trinity of tech is social, mobile and the cloud, and that only a few companies are embracing this shift in technology. Kenandy is among the companies, along with other firms like Salesforce, Workday and Veeva.

November 22, 2013CNBCJim Cramer Sandy Kurtzig on Mad Money!

Jim Cramer catches up with Sandy Kurtzig at Dreamforce. Sandy talks about why enterprises are ready for cloud ERP--and why legacy systems will soon end up in a museum! Click on the link to hear the lively discussion.

November 18, 2013InformationWeekDoug Henschen Salesforce Debuts Mobilized Salesforce1 Platform

Today salesforce announced the mobilized Salesforce1 platform, which puts a mobile-friendly and API-rich wrapper around everything the company offers. Kenandy is one of the ISVs that participated in the program.

October 29, 2013Technology Evaluation CentersP.J. Jakovljevic Is Kenandy Turning Into a Manufacturing Workday?

P.J. Jakovljevic writes about Kenandy's current strategy and approach to implementation. He says that 2013 marked Kenandy's turn to the global enterprise, and this turn was validated by sales to firms like Del Monte Foods and Yokohama. At the end of the article, he expands on whether or not Kenandy is following in Workday's footsteps.

October 28, 2013CIOChris Kanaracus Oracle and Kenandy Move to Poach SAP Business ByDesign Customers

Chris Kanaracus discusses the demise of SAP Business ByDesign. He reports that several companies--including Oracle and Kenandy--have come up with programs to lure Business ByDesign customers from SAP.

July 2, 2013AlwaysOnAlwaysOn Announcing the AlwaysOn Global Top 250 Private Companies

AlwaysOn announced today that Kenandy is one of the 250 top private technology companies "attacking the innovation challenge with unfettered enthusiasm, providing business management solutions, IT infrastructure, and elegant, stable, applications." Kenandy was a winner in the B2B Applications - SaaS and Enterprise category.

June 11, 2013ReutersReuters Kenandy Closes $33 Million in Series B Financing

Kenandy, Inc. today announces that it has closed $33 million in Series B financing. The round was led by Lightspeed Venture Partners with existing Series A investors--Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers,, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati--also participating.

June 7, 2013TECHBurgherTHEPROSSMAN A Q&A with Del Monte Senior Vice President Dave McLain

In this interview, Del Monte Senior Vice President Dave McLain discusses a range of topics including the way Del Monte leverages technology. He mentions that Del Monte is moving their legacy systems to multi-tenant cloud applications like Kenandy.

June 3, 2013Enterprise Apps TodayDrew Robb 7 Cloud ERP Startups to Watch

In his article, Drew Robb says Kenandy has built a complete ERP platform from the ground-up that is cloud-ready as opposed to being built on top of legacy apps that have been rigged to run on the cloud.

June 4, 2013Sandhill.comStewart Florsheim Manufacturing and Products Companies Moving to Cloud ERP for Greater Agility

Cloud ERP gives companies the platform for greater agility. Stewart Florsheim discusses how systems like Kenandy ERP help product companies adapt rapidly to changes in their business as a result of demand volitility, mergers and acquisitions, new business practices, and more.

May 22, 2013Manufacturing Business TechnologyStewart Florsheim Customer Communities Support Cloud ERP Users

Cloud ERP solutions are especially well-suited to communities because systems like Kenandy ERP have built-in collaboration. Stewart Florsheim discusses why customer communities are becoming increasingly popular as social business networks.

May 11, 2013MercuryNews.comMike Cassidy 'Mother of Silicon Valley' is just Mom to entrepreneur sons

Sandra Kurtzig launched ASK Computer Systems and her family at the same time. Now, both of her sons are entrepreneurs, and the family is as close as ever. On balancing her business and family, Kurtzig says, "I can't imagine having one without the other."

April 30, 2013AlwaysOnAlwaysOn Announcing the 2013 OnDemand 100 Top Private Companies

AlwaysOn announced today that Kenandy was chosen as one of the OnDemand Top 100 companies. The winners are the top emerging firms creating cloud technologies that are disrupting existing markets. Kenandy will be honored at the fourth annual OnDemand summit in Palo Alto on May 20, 2013.

April 2, 2013ForbesBrad Peters Oracle Swings for the Clouds....and Misses

In his insightful article, Brad Peters comments on how Larry Ellison, Mark Hurd and others at Oracle knew they had to jump into the cloud, but they couldn't get the company to execute. Says Peters, "A challenge may be that they lack true cloud DNA at the top that can drive the organizational change needed."

April 1, 2013SandHill.comStewart Florsheim Online Communities Support Collaboration for Enterprise SaaS Users

Online communities are becoming increasingly popular as social business networks. Stewart Florsheim discusses how enterprise SaaS solutions, such as cloud ERP, are particularly well suited to communities because systems like Kenandy ERP already have built-in collaboration.

March 21, 2013From Ideas to IndependenceNational Women's History Museum Kurtzig Selected for National Women's History Museum

Sandy Kurtzig was selected to be part of a special online exhibit, "From Ideas to Independence: A Century of Entrepreneurial Women." The exhibit is hosted by the National Women's History Museum in Alexandria, VA. Kurtzig is in good company with other notable women, such as Diane Von Furstenburg.

March 14, 2013Computerworld UKChristine Dover The Platform is Powering ISV Growth

The Salesforce Platform is being used by ISVs to quickly build out products and grow their business. Two examples of ISVs are Veeva Systems, which went from a 2007 startup to an estimated $100M revenue in 2012, and Kenandy, which went from company launch in August 2011 to its first seven-figure deal just 18 months later.

February 15, 2013Manufacturing Business TechnologyKenandy Inc. Moving to Cloud ERP: Three Strategic Reasons

Product companies are facing significant challenges. Complex global supply chains have become the norm. Shorter order runs, compressed innovation cycles, faster decision making, on the spot judgment calls: companies have no choice but to move faster. It's time to rethink your ERP system based on three strategic reasons--the ability to collaborate, greater operational agility and deeper visibility.

February 4, 2013Information WeekChris Murphy Are Big Companies Ready for Cloud ERP?

In an interview with Sandy Kurtzig, Chris Murphy asks whether or not big companies are ready to move ERP to the cloud. Kurtzig calls ERP "the heart and lungs" of the business, so it may be one of the last tasks moved to the cloud, but big companies are ready. She mentions many of the advantages, such as lower cost, and the ability to collaborate with the supply chain.

December 1, 2012New York TimesAdam Bryant Don't Chase Everything That Shines

Adam Bryant interviews Sandy for The Corner Office, his weekly column with top executives about the challenges of leading and managing. One of the many points that Sandy makes is that executives often make the mistake of running after "shiny objects" when they start a company, like working with the wrong partners.

November 14, 2012PCMAG.COMMichael J. Miller Techonomy: No Matter Their Age, Companies are Turning to Technology

Michael Miller reports from Technomy, where Sandy Kurtzig; John Donovan, who runs Technology and Network Operations for AT&T; and Steve Felice, President of Dell, were on a panel. The discussion was focused on the question, with all of the new technology coming to market, how do companies of different sizes have to change?

November 13, 2012Bloomberg.comAri Levy Dell President's Advice to CEOs: 'Get Social'

At Techonomy, Dell's president, Steve Felice, urged CEOs to "get social," which includes using tools like Chatter and LinkedIn to listen to what employees and customers are saying. Felice was part of a panel focused on technology trends with Sandy Kurtzig and John Donovan, who runs Technology and Network Operations for AT&T.

September 17, 2012Computerworld TechworldChris Kanaracus Five Questions for Salesforce at Dreamforce

Chris Kanaracus discusses Salesforce, and how it has grown into a company much broader in scope than its name would suggest, having moved well beyond its roots in CRM software. He mentions Salesforce's move into the ERP space, with Kenandy as one of the key players.

September 1, 2012RFITrevor Pinch and Mark Lane Understanding Catch Term "Social" on the Internet

In this international podcast, Trevor Pinch and Mark Lane banter about the various uses of the term "social"--as in social media and social collaboration. When they talk about social manufacturing, they highlight Kenandy.

August 17, 2012San Francisco Business TimesPatrick Hoge Kurtzig's Entrepreneurial Flair Runs in Family

Sandy and her sons have the entrepreneurial spirit, with several startups under the family belt. Now Sandy is enthusiastic about her latest venture, Kenandy.

July 5, 2012Automation WorldDave Gehman Industrial Social Media: Is Your Coyote Calling?

Dave Gehman captures great examples of how social media brings value to industry, highlighting Kenandy as a company that supports social networking for ERP.

June 5, 2012Business Cloud 9Stuart Lauchlan Kenandy's Sandra Kurtzig: I'm not scared of Oracle and SAP

Stuart Lauchlan interviews Sandy about returning to Silicon Valley, the Cloud, social enterprise and going up against Oracle and SAP. 

May 9, 2012Technology Evaluation Center BlogP.J. Jakovijevic Cloud ERP Wars Intensifying in Full Force(.com)

Activity in the cloud ERP space heats up and P.J. Jakovijevic does a round-up on all the recent news. He says the recent activity validates the cloud ERP space with Sandy being a force to be reckoned with. 

May 8, 2012Business Cloud 9Stuart Lauchlan Kenandy Issues Second Release of Social ERP Offering

Stuart Lauchlan highlights the second release of Kenandy Social ERP.

May 2, 2012The Wall Street JournalDeborah Gage Silicon Valley Pioneer Kurtzig’s New Venture: ‘Her Timing Is Perfect’

Deborah Gage catches up with Sandy on Kenandy's expanding capabilties to serve product companies, the new product name, and her "perfect" timing. 

May 1, 2012ReutersSarah McBride Manufacturing Software from Kenandy Gets Upgrade

Sarah covers upcoming launch of Kenandy release 2 at's Cloudforce conference. Highlights how cloud provides smaller companies tools to encroach on big-company turf.

April 15, 2012Design 2 Part MagazineRebecca Carnes Bringing a Social Media Cloud Solution for Manufacturing Management

Carnes explains how Kenandy meets the needs of today's manufacturers that "require lean, agile, collaborative operations to remain competitive and deliver innovative products."

February 1, 2012Mint JutrasCindy Jutras The Kenandy Manufacturing Cloud: A Blast from the Past with a Look to the Future

Cindy Jutras takes a walk down memory lane while noting Kenandy's contributions to the future of ERP.

January 26, 2012Automotive Design and ProductionLawrence S. Gould Manufacturing Meets Social Networking

Kenandy is not yet-another-ERP system. "It's Facebook-meets-manufacturing."

January 4, 2012Software AdviceDerek Singleton The Benefits of Activity Streams in Manufacturing UIs

Derek looks at how social media is finding its way into enterprise applications for manufacturing with good results.

January 3, 2012Manufacturing AutomationJonathan Gross SaaS ERP is coming of age - But is it right for your business?

Jonathan Gross highlights business considerations for SaaS vs. traditional ERP solutions.

December 22, 20113000 NewswireRon Seybold Making Resource Management Social

Kenandy partner, Terry Floyd, of The Support Group talks social MRP,, and manufacturing in the cloud.

November 10, 2011Evaluation CentreDan Roberts Can Kenandy Kick IT?

Dan Roberts assesses a new force in cloud-based enterprise apps.

October 10, 2011Enterprise MattersJosh Greenbaum The Customer Comes Second…..Oracle's Engineered for Investors Software Stack

Josh Greenbaum does a nice job highlighting a few points a customer should consider before undertaking their next Big ERP project in this article from Enterprise Matters.

October 9, 2011ZDNetMichael Krigsman Enterprise software: The Dalai Lama / Desmond Tutu connection

Enterprise software is becoming, well, interesting. Trailblazers like Kenandy, NetSuite, Workday and Plex are putting some pressure on the likes of Oracle and SAP with new, innovative social, mobile and cloud offerings.

October 6, 2011CloudTweaks NewsSourya Biswas Cloud Computing Startups Raise Big Money: UPDATE 1

Cloud-computing start-ups are raising big money and interest in the Silicon Valley, and Kenandy, as recently reported, is one of them. 

October 6, 2011ForbesJames Staten Oracle Finally Gets Serious About Cloud, But It's IaaS, Not PaaS

Make no mistake: the new Oracle Public Cloud offering is IaaS. Without muti-tenancy it comes at a higher price. It doesn't have any of the built-in instance management for scalability of a SaaS or PaaS offering. If you're looking for social media, your on your own. Buyer beware. 

October 4, 20113000 NewsWireRon Seybold Cloud ERP Replacement Looks for Lift Off

Kenandy is lifting manufacturing sites onto the cloud with the reliability of a platform. 

September 30, 2011Enterprise IrregularsJon Reed SAP TechED Las Vegas and Beyond - SAP at the Crossroads

SAP is planning a bit of a face-lift, or, a Saas-lift, if you will. With newer, lighter SaaS-based cloud ERP offerings earning credibility in the market, SAP is feeling the pressure

September 30, 2011FortuneStaff Doing it for themselves, The Returnee

Fortune magazine profiles Sandra Kurtzig in its article highlighting 10 female founders who are "Doing it on their own."

September 27, 2011San Jose Mercury NewsChris O'Brien O'Brien: Kurtzig's return to Silicon Valley highlights women's lack of progress in tech

Sandra Kurtzig's return the the Silicon Valley as a CEO begs the question, why aren't more women running companies in high-tech?

September 19, 2011Software AdviceDerek Singleton What Does Social Manufacturing Look Like?

ERP analyst, Derek Singleton, lists 4 key differentiators that set Kenandy apart from other cloud-based manufacturing vendors.

September 14, 2011ZDNetMichael Krigsman Understanding the 'social enterprise,' part 2 is becoming a real threat to established enterprise software vendors with new partnerships targeting ERP markets.

September 7, 2011Business InsiderCarolyn Schuk DreamForce 2011: Silicon Valley Veterans Trail Blaze A Back-to-Basics Future

Cloud enterprise applications from Workday and Kenandy go back to basics by simplifying core business functionalities such as HR management and ERP.

September 2, 2011ZDNetSuzanne Tindal Old platforms killing biz apps: Salesforce

Legacy platforms with Oracle, Microsoft and IBM are holding back enterprise apps. New, low cost, cloud-based technologies are the future.

September 2, 2011Business Cloud 9Stuart Lauchlan DreamForce: knits it's way into Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP vendors at Dreamforce show becoming a commanding platform for alternative ERP management.

September 1, 2011ZDNetDennis Howlett Salesforce gunning for manufacturing ERP has invested in Infor and Kenandy, continuing a trend towards the company spread betting on what happens next in the business apps space.

September 1, 2011Enhanced Online NewsStaff Kenandy Delivers Social Manufacturing Application on, Bringing Social, Mobile and Open Cloud Computing Technologies to Global, Distributed Manufacturing

Kenandy offers a new manufacturing application built for the cloud on,'s enterprise cloud computing platform for building applications for the social enterprise

September 1, 2011BloombergStaff Kurtzig Sees Kenandy Cloud Software Creating U.S. Jobs

Sandra Kurtzig, chief executive officer of Kenandy Inc., and Ray Lane, chairman of Hewlett-Packard Co., talk about Kenandy's cloud software for manufacturers. 

September 1, 2011The Enterprise System SpectatorFrank Scavo Kenandy: A New Cloud ERP Provider Emerges from Stealth Mode

Kenandy, a new cloud-based ERP company, emerges from stealth mode and has a new take on traditional ERP platforms

August 30, 2011Business Cloud 9Stuart Lauchlan Dreamforce: She's Back - and this time she means (manufacturing) business!

Silicon Valley start-up, Kenandy, essentially takes traditional manufacturing systems that have been built inside a company and extends them outside the corporate borders and into the cloud.

August 29, 2011New York TimesDean Takahashi Kenandy Raises $10.5M for Cloud-Based "social Manufacturing"

Kenandy is creating a service that combines the nuts-and bolts of manufacturing software with cloud technology and social media. The company hopes to modernize manufacturing right under the nose of big enterprise resource management software companies. 

August 29, 2011Portfolio.comKent Bernhard, Jr. Kenandy Emerges from Stealth to Socialize Manufacturing

Sandra Kurtzig and her team at Kenandy are trying to harness the horizontal networks of social media to match the horizontal nature of modern manufacturing.

August 29, 2011Silicon Valley/SJ Business JournalStaff Kenandy raises $10.5M, Kleiner's Ray Lane joins board

Kenandy offers a new breed of manufacturing management application built for the cloud. Ray Lane, managing partner at KPCB, will also join Kenandy's board of directors. 

August 29. 2011Enhanced Online NewsStaff Kenandy, Inc. Closes Series A Led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Kenandy delivers its next-generation application by combining the core manufacturing functions for inventory management, engineering, purchasing, production and requirements planning with the mobile and social capabilities of,'s cloud computing platform.

August 29, 2011Tech CrunchLeena Rao Kleiner Perkins, Salesforce, Put $10.5M In Supply Chain Management Platform Kenandy

Stealthy cloud startup Kenandy has raised $10.5 million in Series A funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers with, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich Rosati participating.

August 29, 2011SF Business TimesPatrick Hoge CEO scraps retirement for startup life

Sandra Kurtzig and her team at Kenandy are trying to harness the horizontal networks of social media to match the horizontal nature of modern manufacturing.

August 29, 2011Wall Street JournalDeborah Gage Silicon Valley Pioneer Sandra Kurtzig Back In Start-Up Game With Kenandy

Sandra Kurtzig is out of retirement and into the CEO seat with Kenandy, a social manufacturing alternative for ERP

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