Customer Success.
Support Whenever You Need It.

Customer Support

Kenandy is committed to your success. That’s why we’ve made things as easy for you as possible with our simple user interface. Built-in user assistance that gives you information when you need it. Automated notifications about our latest releases. And you can use the Kenandy Community to search for answers, submit questions, report problems, and submit cases. Support that’s at your fingertips.

What’s more, since Kenandy is built on a multitenant architecture, everyone is on the same version of the product at all times. If we fix a problem or add a feature for one client, everyone benefits. You always have the advantage of the latest upgrades, although your system administrator can decide when you opt-in. If you’ve customized your product, your changes will remain intact with each upgrade.

Different Levels of Support to Suit Your Needs

Kenandy offers three levels of support to suit your needs: Foundation, Premier and Mission Critical. Whatever level you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be supported by Kenandy experts. Each level offers the following services:

  • Kenandy Community: 24/7
  • Online resources, such as training videos, user guides, and context-sensitive Help: 24/7
  • Online case management: 24/7
  • Release upgrades, with Release Notes and updated resources
  • Automated opt-in notification about our latest releases
  • Training webinars
  • Electronic newsletters with information about our latest releases, and highlights from the Kenandy Community
  • Phone support
  • Response times based on business impact
  • Account management

For more information about Kenandy’s Customer Success program, please contact Kenandy.