ERP for the Connected World.


In today’s global business environment, staying competitive means moving fast and being flexible. Being able to quickly bring on new acquisitions, or easily integrate with other enterprise applications. Companies with legacy ERP systems can’t keep up with today’s business demands. These systems are costly to maintain and can’t scale fast enough to capture new opportunities.

That’s why Sandra Kurtzig founded Kenandy in 2010—to once again transform the world of enterprise management software. She did this the first time in 1972, when she founded ASK Computer Systems and created the groundbreaking MANMAN product family. During her 20-year tenure as founder, chairman and CEO of the ASK Group, Kurtzig grew the company into one of the ten largest software companies in the world. Now, as Executive Chairman of Kenandy, she’s helping to drive the adoption of enterprise management on the cloud.

The venture started as the result of a conversation between Kurtzig and Marc Benioff, Chairman and CEO of, about building an enterprise management solution on the Salesforce Platform. He believed there was tremendous opportunity for an ERP system built natively on the cloud. Kurtzig agreed. The Salesforce Platform is proven, scalable and secure, serving more than 100,000 organizations, 220,000 applications, 3 million users, and 1 billion transactions per day. What’s more, the platform provides Kenandy with the infrastructure that businesses need today, including a mobile, global, social framework. Benefits like quick time-to-value. Real-time, continuous visibility into a single source of data. Flexibility to keep pace with business change.

Since takes care of the platform, Kenandy can focus on what we know best: building global enterprise management solutions. A perfect partnership! The Kenandy team includes experts in development, support, sales, and marketing, with a deep understanding of the needs of the global enterprise. Kenandy is not just ERP on the cloud. Kenandy is ERP redesigned, powered by what is now possible on the cloud. It’s ERP that delivers more value. It’s ERP for the way global enterprises operate today—distributed, collaborative and agile. Kenandy is cloud ERP…Now!