4 Reasons Your ERP Needs a Seamless User Experience

Team Collaborating

The contradiction of many ERP systems is that they promise to deliver a shared platform for all but still end up segmenting the user experience. The potential of ERP distribution software to improve both efficiency and productivity is much weaker when users can’t easily communicate and collaborate. Legacy ERPs that offers an inconsistent and confusing user experience creates exactly those kinds of obstacles.

A seamless user experience is not the first feature companies look for when evaluating an ERP, but it’s one they cannot afford to ignore. The value of an ERP solution is entirely dependent on how deeply users are willing to embrace the solution. When there are hurdles ingrained in the experience it only extinguishes engagement. To underscore just how important this point is, consider four reasons your ERP must offer a seamless user experience.

Speed Up Training

Implementing an ERP can be a time and labor-intensive process. At Kenandy we work hard to address typical challenges associated with implementation so our customers can quickly realize the ROI of Kenandy Cloud ERP. One of the major challenges executives anticipate with ERP transitions is training their teams since an ERP impacts every department in the company and is something that everyone will come to fundamentally rely on. Users need to be able to operate with efficiency starting on day one, which takes thoughtful planning, training and hands-on experience. A seamless user experience helps teams streamline and standardize training efforts since everyone relies on overlapping tools and interfaces. Companies end up spending less time and money on training while ensuring teams are making the most of the ERP and can quickly take full advantage of the solution.

Integrate Your Processes

One of the primary benefits of a great ERP solution is to help integrate the data and workflows from different departments so that you can leverage the collective value of teams and resources. Achieving this is a lot harder to do when the user experience is fragmented. The gains in productivity and efficiency that you hope to introduce can be delayed or even eliminated by new hassles created by ERP systems built with legacy product architectures. A seamless user experience ensures that everyone in your organization can make the most of the new tools at their disposal.

Embrace Mobility

Any technology that is bound to or otherwise limited by the geography of your office has limited utility in today’s economy. Being able to work effectively from anywhere at any time is essential. Without a seamless user experience, the capabilities that teams come to rely on in the office will not travel with them when they work from home or head off to meet a client. Relying on a cloud ERP platform that functions fully and reliably on any device upgrades its utility and value significantly.

Reduce Mistakes, Learn Faster

Regardless of the size or industry, every business deals with complexities and has to inevitably manage mistakes within organizations. Setbacks that bleed revenue, impact employee morale, disappoint customers, and inhibit growth are almost impossible to correct without visibility into business data. A quality ERP solution can provide critical business insights, but only when it offers a seamless user experience. Clunky user experiences can encourage mistakes and make data less reliable which creates the kind of confusion the software has promised to correct.

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