Cloud ERP? Lower-Hanging Fruit Than You May Think

ERP has long been seen as the purview of large enterprises, whose complexity demanded at least some level of automation. And as tales abounded of the daunting and disruptive cost of ERP implementation, it just seemed out of reach, if not altogether inappropriate, for small and midsize businesses.

But – spoiler alert – business is changing. For one thing, small and midsize companies are much more likely to do business globally now – and have to compete against much larger companies in the process. Also, SMBs have the same customer issues – and, presumably, at least the same amount of devotion to customer success – as larger enterprises. Nor are they immune to the huge proliferation of data that customer interactions produce, and that they, too, want to capture, analyze, and leverage.

hanging fruit, cloudsInitially, smaller organizations looking to upgrade or install an ERP system may be drawn to the cloud because of its sharply reduced upfront investment and overall much lower maintenance costs. These are well-known and no longer at issue. But the real power of Cloud ERP – its support for business agility, its extensibility, and its abbreviated ramp-up time – make it an even more compelling choice for growth-oriented SMBs seeking a competitive advantage. And ERP systems built natively on the cloud amplify these advantages; they are quickly and easily configurable in ways inconceivable even a few years ago, making them an ideal choice for very high-growth organizations looking for systems that will support them in the future at least as well as the present.

Early adopters of Cloud ERP report substantial savings from increased efficiencies and reduced operating costs. Stories of real-world success are beginning to appear, and will almost certainly proliferate as more and more SMBs go cloud. Here’s one example that justifies the worth of Cloud ERP for small and midsize manufacturers.

So if the fruit is well within reach, and it’s ripe – what are you waiting for?


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