Conversation with Sandy Kurtzig, Silicon Valley Leader and Pioneer

Sandy Kurtzig Kenandy Cloud ERP

Photo courtesy of New York Times

Sandy Kurtzig, the CEO and Chairman of Kenandy, Inc., is no stranger to launching disruptive companies. She already did it with Ask Computer Systems, and has been turning a lot of heads since she came out of retirement to do it again with Kenandy, to produce Kenandy Cloud ERP..  Her knowledge of enterprise business, combined with her leadership skills and charm, make her just the right person for the job. Sandy knows how to cause disruption and also how to take advantage of it..

Whenever Sandy is interviewed, her passion for business is always apparent. “My attitude is when you start a company you better love your product, love the people that you hire and love the customers. Make sure you really want to stay with it for the long term,”says Sandy.  There is no doubt once Sandy commits to something, she is in it to win.

Sandy recently sat down with Kathleen Goolsby of to talk about everything from changing diapers to going up against IBM. In this wide-ranging interview, they dive into how to handle disruption, female leaders in the software world, how Benioff convinced her to come out of retirement, and much more.  Read the full interview here.


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