Del Monte Foods Gets Agile with Kenandy



We announced today that Del Monte Foods selected Kenandy ERP to replace their on-premise system.  Del Monte explored new systems because their current system is hard to use, costly to deploy to new lines of business, and at the end of its support life. They were about to acquire Natural Balance Pet Foods, a leading producer of premium pet foods. Natural Balance was using a financial and inventory control system that lacked the essential capabilities required to operate as a division within Del Monte. Del Monte decided that Natural Balance would be their initial Kenandy deployment.

One of the many reasons why Del Monte selected Kenandy was because they wanted a system that’s flexible—one that can easily adapt to business changes, such as new acquisitions, while offering enterprise-class capabilities, such as automated accounting in a multi-segment chart of accounts. With no hardware to install and its ease of use, Kenandy was quick to deploy, and easy to extend and integrate with other enterprise applications. Kenandy committed to having Natural Balance live on their ERP 90 minutes after the acquisition closed, and we beat it!

We believe this is a significant story because:

  • This implementation shows how Kenandy accelerates the integration of acquisitions. It’s quick to deploy, extend and integrate with other enterprise applications. Del Monte integrated Natural Balance with their system for financial statements and budgeting, and with their existing EDI infrastructure.
  • Most ERP systems take months, if not years, to implement. Kenandy completed the implementation in weeks. The process included making the system compliant with the way Del Monte does business, including moving to their full corporate chart of accounts, meeting their standards for compliance, and integrating with their transportation providers.

What did Natural Balance gain from the implementation?

  • Better visibility through a ‘single source of truth’
  • Better financial controls
  • Elimination of manual processes
  • Improvements in the business by implementing Del Monte’s best practices and enhancing productivity in shipping, receiving, quality management, and production

Natural Balance Adapts to Del Monte and Kenandy at the Same Time

Del Monte CIO Dave McLain took a risk, asking Natural Balance to adapt to Del Monte and a new cloud ERP system at the same time. But it was a calculated risk. He was convinced that the cloud was the way to go, with its promise of quick time-to-value and flexibility. He was also a fan of Kenandy and the Salesforce Platform. McLain says that moving to the cloud represents a new paradigm, where software vendors and clients need to form a close, sustaining partnership. This is not the case with on-premise systems, where clients are often tethered to the vendor as a result of lengthy implementations and complicated maintenance agreements.

With folks like McLain at the helm, it’s no wonder Natural Balance is a happy camper. (See the video below.) Says Karmen Aghajanian, Natural Balance’s Purchasing Manager, “Using Kenandy within our own departments—manufacturing, operations, financials, and logistics—gives us that one source of data that we need, and we can all work together at the same time.” That’s a strong testimony to visionaries like McLain, who understand the potential of the cloud.



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