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This post is a contribution by Kenandy’s CMO, Marie Jackson

Want to do a better job competing and innovating? What’s stopping you? More and more it’s outdated technology. As long as you stay on spreadsheets or on a legacy ERP (whether on-premises or delivered as SaaS), your growth and your ability to innovate will continue to be constrained.

Kenandy’s Cloud ERP is ERP re-written from the ground up on the Salesforce platform.

As the new CMO, I couldn’t be more excited to help companies leverage Kenandy’s world-class ERP that maps to our customers’ business processes – not the other way around.

Looking for some real world examples? Just last week our team hosted a webinar featuring Salesforce EVP, John Wookey, Kenandy’s CEO, Chuck Berger and Stratus Venture Group’s GM, Oifr Baharav. Click here to view the webinar today and learn how people in the real world are enabling growth and innovation with Kenandy’s cloud ERP on the Salesforce Platform.

Kenandy Salesforce Webinar

While the webinar features a discussion on growth and innovation, Kenandy’s ERP is also differentiated by incredibly fast deployment, how it enables business agility and it’s extensibility.

Fast Deployment
You’ve got to be up and running as fast as possible. Less disruption, faster benefit, and for sure much lower cost. Kenandy deploys in months – not years. How good is a system if it’s going to take you a year or more to fully roll it out? Legacy systems take so long to implement that markets change and prompt unbudgeted modifications and updates.

Speed & Business Agility
Whether it’s a competitor move, a sudden change in the business environment, or an unanticipated opportunity, a business has to be able to move quickly or it can’t grow. Kenandy is fast and easy to customize to address your specific challenges and opportunities. You don’t need a PhD in computer science, or an expensive consultant to implement an ERP. It simply takes a few days, insight from your team about your current business needs and some ideas about positioning you for success in the future.

The Kenandy-Arena Solutions partnership is a perfect example of how a mid-sized business can leverage a partnership to access the functionality of mature business systems fast. Kenandy’s Cloud ERP combines seamlessly with Arena’s cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management solution to give manufacturers a single view of both the design and financial aspects of product development. Similarly, you can easily extend the Kenandy solution to include mobile devices so people on the shop floor can order parts directly from their phones or tablets. (While other ERP partnership integrations have a reputation for being fraught with challenges, that has not been the case with Kenandy.)

Map to Your Business Processes
The beauty of having Kenandy built on the Salesforce platform is it’s agility– people can customize business systems with clicks, not code. Too often, people spend years trying to make their business fit to a legacy ERP. In 2016 as our cars park themselves, shouldn’t our business applications be able to adapt as well? Alternative ERP systems hosted in the cloud may seem modern compared to those installed on-premise, but they don’t map to your business and aren’t able to support changes with the same agility as Kenandy.

With the right ERP system, you can compete against larger players by reacting much faster, spending much less, and growing according to your plan – not according to the constraints of the system. Innovate. Go where the business opportunities take you.

There’s nothing stopping you.

This post is a contribution by Kenandy’s CMO, Marie Jackson


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