Empowering Users With Cloud ERP

Empower Users Cloud ERP

Lately, everyone has been taking notice of how social and mobile technology disrupts the business models of many industries.  After a recent round of funding, Airbnb (the app that allows people to turn their houses and apartments into hotels) is currently valued at $10 billion, making it more valuable than the Wyndham and the Hyatt hotel companies.  You might ask yourself, how can a company that has only been around since 2008 be worth more than some of the largest hotel chains?  The answer is, actually, quite simple. 

Airbnb’s disruptive innovation has revolutionized the way that the travel industry operates, and they did this by simplifying and socializing the booking process, which, in turn, empowers its users, both travelers and hosts.  Now, what if you simplified the processes and empowered the users in enterprise resource planning (ERP)?  How would this idea revolutionize your manufacturing and supply chain processes?

When ERP was first created, it was only intended to be used by back office users.  Nowadays, advances in technology have allowed many ERP transactions to become automated.  So, to obtain the true value of ERP, you must put the power into the hands of the users.  By empowering your employees, partners, and customers, you give them the ability to identify trends and solve problems in real time.

In order to empower your users, you need a new ERP that is mobile, social, and simplified for the user, so that it is easy to use; Kenandy Cloud ERP is just that.  Imagine how easy it would be to streamline business transactions if everyone in your company’s network had access to the right information and could easily get it to the right person.  The agility and productivity of your business would dramatically increase, which would increase your overall customer satisfaction.

Everywhere around us, we can see how simplification of social and mobile technology is empowering real people and revolutionizing industries. Now, it’s time to empower real people in ERP.  If the world is such a different place than it was when ERP was created, why are companies still using the same software and processes that were written over 30 years ago?  That’s a really good question.


Want to find out more about empowering real people with Cloud ERP?  Download the white paper.  Also, Kenandy CEO Sandy Kurtzig will be a keynote speaker at the Interop Cloud Connect Summit in Las Vegas this coming Monday.  She will also be a panelist for the Digital Disruptors at the InformationWeek Conference that very same day.



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