Fostering Engagement and Support with Kenandy Community

We initially launched the Kenandy Community in October 2012 because  we value feedback from our customers and partners and we wanted to encourage a collaborative environment for learning and innovation. Some companies continue to use legacy ERP systems because they know their team is familiar with that system and they have concerns about the potential for a long ramp up in transitioning and learning a new enterprise resource planning system.


We are incredibly proud of the Kenandy Community which is an easy-to-use, one-stop shop for our customers and partners to ask questions and engage with Kenandy team members and Cloud ERP experts.

Our Kenandy Community gives peace of mind to executives that want to invest in a Cloud ERP solution that will empower their teams to operate more effectively and know that through the ERP transition, the Kenandy Community is accessible anytime, anywhere so customers can utilize the entire knowledge database and find answers to questions with just a few clicks. This Summer we were thrilled to launch the next phase of our Kenandy Community. We decided to upgrade our community to leverage the benefits of Salesforce Community Cloud.  

Quickly Access Information

We’ve uplifted the design and functionality of the Kenandy Community so information is even easier to find. Each discussion,article, and resource is searchable within the community for fast answers to questions. Customers and partners can start discussions, find resources and watch learning videos all within the Kenandy Community. If they can’t find the information they need, they can access the case portal directly from the community.

Engage in Rich Discussions

The hallmark of Kenandy Community is the collaborative environment and we take pride in responding to community questions and ideas. The Kenandy Community provides detailed articles and thoughtful responses from customers, partners, and Kenandy team members who are dedicated to delivering excellent customer experiences.

Build Better Product Experiences for the Future

The Kenandy Community also provides an opportunity for customers to submit product ideas and offer feedback that can help shape future releases of Kenandy Cloud ERP.

Kenandy Community Success Featured at Dreamforce

At Dreamforce, SVP of Training and Content Development, Stewart Florsheim presented on building the Kenandy Community on the Salesforce platform what we’ve seen in driving our customer and partner success.


It’s been exciting to see the Kenandy Community evolve over the years and how our customers have quickly turned into ambassadors with impressive Cloud ERP innovation stories. We really appreciate the vibrant participation and feedback from our customers and partners and we’re looking forward to seeing how the Kenandy Community continues to grow with our company.


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