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Scenario: At 9:00 in the morning your design group schedules a meeting to unveil the prototype of a major new product. By 10:00  – before the meeting adjourns, before even all the bagels and coffee are gone – your supply chain group finishes ordering all of the parts for the prototype. Before the week is over your production team is building it.

Until recently this scenario was little more than wishful thinking on the part of forward-looking manufacturers.  But a just-announced partnership between Kenandy and Arena Solutions grants this wish.

When you think about it for just a few moments, the synergy between the two cloud-based software makers is forehead-slappingly obvious.  Manufacturers use Arena’s product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions to bring products to market more quickly through faster prototyping, streamlining the supply chain, and more.  Meanwhile, Kenandy automates core business processes, such as order-to-cash and planning, procurement, and production.  Combined, the companies can provide a 360-degree view of a product, and all its components, from the design, production, and financial perspectives.

In announcing the deal, the companies advised that customers could use the integration between Arena PLM and Kenandy Cloud ERP to:

  • Manage the product development process of product data (items, bill of materials, manufacturer and supplier data) in a centralized Arena PLM system through the entire product lifecycle
  • Use Kenandy to quickly plan, procure and manufacture products upon handoff of the latest product release from Arena.
  • Share up-to-date product data with finance, sales, and manufacturing departments to ensure accurate financial planning and support operations.

And there’s already a proof of concept: joint customer Primus Power, which uses Arena’s PLM for their design and engineering, and Kenandy as their ERP system.  How do the two systems work together?  As an example, a new product idea or improvement implemented in the Arena PLM system automatically generates a new part number in Kenandy ERP.  Primus employees can search for that part, see its pricing history and supply history, know whether it’s on order and due to be delivered, or order it themselves through their supply chain.

Since both Arena and Kenandy are built on the cloud, manufacturers across industries can integrate the two quickly, cost-effectively, and without changing hardware or other infrastructure.  Once there they’ll realize many of the ancillary features that the cloud provides: flexibility, scalability, and global collaboration capabilities in a system that’s easy to learn and use.

Expect more partnerships like this, as cloud providers join forces to offer expanded capabilities without the daunting expense and complexity typical of client-server.

The savings that organizations will realize from these partnerships can buy an awful lot of bagels.

You can access the official announcement of the Kenandy-Arena partnership here.

To learn in detail how the Kenandy-Arena partnership came about, what it took to implement, and how it’s working now, save the date of Wednesday, October 28th.  That’s when Kenandy, Arena Solutions, and Primus Power have scheduled a joint Webinar.  Keep watching the Kenandy home page for more details and a link to register for this Webinar.


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