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Recently, Kenandy and Salesforce teamed up to present a live webinar, Bridging the Gap Between CRM & ERP, featuring Bruce Richardson, Chief Enterprise Strategist at Salesforce and Kenandy’s CEO Chuck Berger.

Bruce Richardson has an incredible background with over twenty five years of experience including time at AMR Research and Infor before his current role at Salesforce. With keen insight on the trends, obstacles, and opportunities in the ERP ecosystem, listening to his perspective on the future of ERP was awesome. Today, too many manufacturing and distribution companies are held back by legacy ERP systems, which prevent them from operating with the agility and driving innovation. How can companies break free from restrictive, legacy ERP systems to unleash the benefits and efficiency of the cloud? Salesforce and Kenandy deliver a seamless solution to connect the front office and the back office with one platform.

Richardson discussed three important areas for leaders to consider when transitioning to a new ERP:

  1. What are your existing business processes and their underlying goals? As you think about plans for the future, how will the ERP adapt for new business processes and changes?
  2. How long will implementation take and what are the costs? What staffing resources are required to do this successfully?
  3. What will you do with the time you’re freeing up by moving forward from your legacy system?

Bruce expressed how impressed he was with Kenandy as he shared a story of a Salesforce customer who approached him with a list of ERP system needs which included a complex problem they’d been wrestling with for years. The Kenandy team was able to show exactly how their Cloud ERP solution could map to this customer’s existing business processes. This proved to be a powerful contrast from, as Richardson described it, one company he met that was on year ten of a three-year ERP upgrade. Imagine how much the business and competitive landscape changed in that amount of time! Kenandy has an unprecedented ability to get companies up and running quickly, regardless of how large or complex a customer’s existing business processes are. Delivering a robust end-to-end Cloud ERP on Salesforce, Kenandy is optimized for midsized companies, though the team has taken a multi-billion dollar food manufacturing company live on Kenandy in a matter of weeks, less than a quarter of the time of most ERP systems.  

“Kenandy can model some complex business processes,” offered Richardson. Kenandy has leveraged the innovative technology built into the Salesforce platform to create Business Ready Objects, which power Kenandy’s Cloud ERP product architecture. Rather than thousands of tables and the disconnected modules other ERP systems are based on, Kenandy’s powerful 150 Business Ready Objects deliver unmatched flexibility to help companies adapt, scale, and innovate.

Approaching Kenandy with potential customers with very specific requests for Cloud ERP has consistently resulted in a “No problem, we can do that,” response for Richardson. One customer was so excited with how Kenandy would empower them, they wanted all their business units on Kenandy because they could see the potential of a Cloud ERP that not only matches what they need to do now, but also provides the infrastructure and flexibility to achieve their vision for the future, unrestricted by technology. “I’m excited to watch the growth and success that’s happening,” Richardson expressed about Kenandy Cloud ERP.  

Chuck Berger, CEO at Kenandy, shared his past experience as a chief executive of a manufacturing company using a legacy ERP system. Berger understands the frustration of companies who are version-locked in their traditional ERP, stuck generations behind current practices and significantly hindered from product innovation. He shared his former team’s anguish over the complexity required to initiate a change in a business process with siloed data modules requiring an entire year, a large IT team, and five million dollars to implement. Additionally, as new business processes were introduced, they were looking at a requirement of investing in a team of nine people and three months for custom configurations for new products to work within the legacy ERP system. This experience fuels a focused passion for Chuck in his role at Kenandy, delivering a flexible end-to-end Cloud ERP for companies to run their business and drive innovation.

With over 3,000 apps in the AppExchange, Salesforce is uniquely positioned to help companies transition to the cloud and enable team members from across the company to benefit from business insights based on real-time data. As Berger explained, having Kenandy built natively on the Salesforce platform “allows us to create power, flexibility, and a seamless connection between your customer and when they get the product, pay, and everything in between.”

Salesforce has made a significant investment in manufacturing and, in partnership with Kenandy, can provide a seamless way to connect their front office CRM with their back office ERP.

Moderated by Kenandy Chief Marketing Officer, Marie Jackson, the webinar was an engaging discussion where Berger and Richardson shared fascinating insights, experiences, and nuggets of wisdom.

View the recording of Bridging the Gap Between CRM & ERP for highlights on:

  • The importance of ERP product flexibility for business growth.
  • Companies becoming more comfortable with moving data and systems to the cloud. Where five years ago there was some resistance initiating that transition, companies today are really starting to embrace the flexibility, security and and power the cloud provides to their business.
  • The benefits of connecting the front office CRM and the back office ERP with one platform.

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