Kenandy: Supporting Large Enterprise Customers with Community


Kenandy implemented the Kenandy Community two years ago, when the company was still in its infancy. We did this to build the Community with our customers, and it’s been very successful. We currently have over 400 conversations in the Community on an array of topics, including tips and tricks about using Kenandy Cloud ERP and the Salesforce Platform, ideas about product enhancements, and much more. The conversations were contributed by Kenandy as well as by our customers. The Community currently has 160 members.

The Kenandy Community serves as a one-stop support portal. Customers can search all of the content in the Community, which includes conversations as well as all the technical documentation and videos that Kenandy provides. If customers can’t find the information they need, they can easily submit a support request. The Community is private, and available via single sign-on from Kenandy Cloud ERP.

The Kenandy Community is powered by Get Satisfaction. Last week, Get Satisfaction started a blog series on “fantastic communities” and highlighted Kenandy.





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