Life After QuickBooks

QuickBooks is great.  But it really only works if your business stays small.  Once you begin manufacturing and shipping product, once you need to begin integrating disparate business systems, QuickBooks simply isn’t capable.  Still – it’s the devil you know, and it’s easy to see why you might stay with the status quo: transitioning to a more advanced ERP system can be, plain and simple, fraught.

But at some point it stops being an option.  To keep growing, you simply have to move.

You need a system that’s easy to install and use. One that works for you, instead of the other way around. And in addition to meeting your needs, your next system simply must be easy to modify, configure, and scale so that it remains relevant and responsive no matter how fast and far you grow.  It also shouldn’t cost you a year of your life and an arm and a leg to install.

Kenandy was designed to be different. It was built on the cloud, from scratch, specifically to support growth, change, and configurability, for companies that design, manufacture, and distribute products. For example, Kenandy makes it easy to mirror your existing account structure, then add and configure new accounts as you grow. Kenandy is also much easier to implement than legacy ERP systems. This is not pie-in-the-sky. Primus Power, a maker of innovative energy storage products, went from QuickBooks to Kenandy in less than three months.  Along the way Primus integrated its critical product lifecycle software, Arena Solutions, with Kenandy. It now enjoys unprecedented visibility into its product management and financial performance, including up-to-the minute reporting on demand. And Blue Clover Devices, an original design manufacturer of power and audio accessories, used Kenandy to integrate its purchase orders and inventory management functions.  Implementation was fast, user adoption rapid.

If you need to move off QuickBooks, think about Kenandy if you’re evaluating other systems. Especially think about Kenandy if you’re not evaluating other systems. Besides – we’re running a promotion to coincide with the QuickBooks Connect event. Find out more about how you upgrade to a modern, flexible, connected ERP system – without tearing your hair out or raising your blood pressure.


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