SaaS Adoption is Growing Across the Enterprise

Forrester just came out with a new research report called “Application Adoption Trends 2015: The SaaS Boom Continues As Businesses Demand Agility.” Along with the continuing growth in adoption rates, Forrester says the key benefits of the SaaS model are agility, rapid deployment, and easier upgrades.

More specifically, one of the questions they ask survey respondents is the importance of specific benefits, and the top three are:

  • Improved business agility
  • Speed of implementation and deployment
  • Quick delivery of new functionality

These results are supported by Kenandy clients—often in the same sequence! One of Kenandy’s newest clients, Primus Power, chose Kenandy to support their growth through multiple phases. Key to Primus’ selection was Kenandy’s ease-of-use, fast deployment, scalability, and the ability to easily integrate third-party products.

saas_enterprise_adoption_cloud_erpPrimus was up and running on Kenandy three months after they signed on. “By the time we realized we needed an ERP system, it was already too late,” said Mark Collins, Senior Director, NPI Operations, “so the speed of implementation was critical.” They found it easy to tweak Kenandy to meet their needs. For example, they designed their own shortage report with links to the appropriate purchase order. “So now the buyer doesn’t have to keep repeating the same information and sending endless emails,” explained Collins. “We’ve been able to quickly gain this kind of efficiency because Kenandy is user-driven rather than developer-driven.”


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