Salesforce CPQ and Kenandy Cloud ERP Deliver A Winning Solution for Sales Teams


Last week, Kenandy partnered with the Salesforce CPQ team to demonstrate the seamless integration of Salesforce CPQ and Kenandy Cloud ERP in a live webinar.

The event started with a lively discussion about empowering sales team with CPQ tools and back-office information with Rob Nieset, Sr. Product Marketing Manager Salesforce CPQ (formerly Steelbrick), Marie Amuroso Jackson, Chief Marketing Officer at Kenandy and Vijay Hotanahalli, Director, Product Management at Kenandy.

According to Gartner, 67% manufacturing companies are still using Microsoft Excel to manage their business.  Rob explained that while manual solutions may seem easy at first glance, the inherent complexities within quoting, configuration, and supply chain management present substantial challenges for business. Quoting errors are often the result.  A recent Salesforce customer survey showed a 44% reduction quote errors by switching to Salesforce CPQ.

Marie discussed how combining both, Salesforce CPQ and Kenandy Cloud ERP, provides real-time visibility across the company, empowering sales to more accurately quote with better information regarding inventory, capacity and lead times, and inventory locations.  Having all of this data accessible in Salesforce improves quoting accuracy and increases customer satisfaction.

At that point, Vijay presented a live demo of the integration between Salesforce CPQ and Kenandy Cloud ERP, providing an overview of the complete quote-to-cash process by changing discounts on the fly, selecting specific distribution facilities from which to order certain parts, or ordering a particular number of units from a different facility.  The process was absolutely seamless, with data from CPQ and ERP being available to the sales rep during the quoting process.

The combination of Salesforce CPQ and Kenandy Cloud ERP delivers a winning solution for sales teams. With Salesforce CPQ, the burden of manual quoting is taken off the sales team. And with the seamless integration to Kenandy Cloud ERP, Sales can more accurately quote with real-time information about customers and account balances, inventory and lead times. View this webinar on-demand



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