Salesforce Explores the Future of Manufacturing at Dreamforce


Dreamforce provides new ideas on how technology can transform manufacturing processes and companies, as EVP of Global Sales at Kenandy, Aaron Korsen stated earlier this week, and this year, we’re definitely off to a great start.

We kicked off the week with a Dreamforce Manufacturing Keynote where Cindy Bolt, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Consumer Goods, Industries at ‎Salesforce presented at a packed session.

Her session focused on the importance of manufacturers putting customers at the center of everything they do. Bolt emphasized that “3-5 years is too long of a time frame to transform; you can innovate in 30-45 days, and build on that for the next year or two.”

Bolt also moderated a panel that included David Fuller, Chief Technology Officer at KUKA, Mark Lloyd, Consumer Online Officer, GM, and Frank Nowak, Vice President Service at KBA, where they discussed the industry shift from making products to creating better experiences.

Frank Nowak shared KBA’s transformational experience of implementing Salesforce as an older manufacturing company. In communicating their focus on connecting with customers and recognized that people aren’t just looking to purchase products but to find solutions, Nowak shared, “we offer service excellence with Salesforce.”

Achyut Jajoo, Global Industry Team Leader, Automotive & Manufacturing Industries at Salesforce, also emphasized putting customers in the center of business models: “At the end of the day, the goal is to become a connected, customer-centric organization,” Jajoo stated. “Behind every connected product there’s a customer you can engage with in a new way.”

Specifically, Jajoo spotlighted Kenandy and strongly encouraged the audience to attend one of the sessions featuring Kenandy’s customer, Charlie Merrow, speaking of the company’s incredible story of transformation and innovation.

Brent Floyd, ISV Director, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Salesforce, introduced Kenandy Customer and Merrow Sewing Machine Company CEO, Charlie Merrow, to present at AppExchange for Manufacturing Back-Office Transformation with Salesforce. “We didn’t even realize how constrained we were with our old ERP until we had the freedom to innovate with Kenandy.” Merrow shared that combining Salesforce and Kenandy Cloud ERP can be transformative for manufacturing companies, as Merrow discovered in recent years.

He spoke to the importance of flexibility and being able to take advantage of opportunities as they come up, Kenandy Cloud ERP provided the holistic view of the data, visibility into the entire supply chain, and gave Merrow the ability to adapt and innovate quickly and effectively. Not only have their revenues doubled as a result of implementing Kenandy and Salesforce, but the insight into their company and ability to test inexpensively enabled Merrow to develop new product lines, launch in new countries, and adopt the flexibility and nimbility of a startup: “We were a 180+year-old sewing machine manufacturer and we became a startup incubator because of Kenandy and Salesforce.”

Charlie also spoke on a panel moderated by Bruce Richardson, Chief Enterprise Strategist, Market Strategy Group Salesforce, and in a later session, Unlock and Mobile-ize Your Manufacturing Back Office, where he continued to emphasize the impact of Kenandy’s ERP, built on Salesforce. “Before Salesforce, our creative ideas were killed off because of our Legacy ERP system.” But with the two powerful platforms, Merrow had the ability to make changes quickly, deploy a new product, adjust on the go, and report on it. That capacity to move with agility, backed by data, meant Merrow didn’t just create efficiencies, but tremendous opportunity. The visibility into reporting and supply chain management can’t be understated: it offered Merrow the data required to make changes and adjust quickly, enabling them to double their revenues in a short period of time.

Answering lots of questions about Kenandy Cloud ERP built on Salesforce, our team is having a great time at our booth 1715 in Moscone South, and they’ve seen a lot of excitement about  our fun prizes and booth games.


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