Salesforce Product Innovation and Kenandy’s Flexible ERP


Every year, Dreamforce promises to unveil innovations that can transform businesses, and this year has proved no exception. 

Kenandy’s CTO and President of Products and Services, Rod Butters presented on Cloud ERP and Innovation in IoT Manufacturing with Eddie Chen, former CFO at Blue Clover Devices, and Charlie Isaacs, CTO for Customer Connection and the IoT Cloud lead at Salesforce.


Rod emphasized the critical importance of a flexible and agile ERP for companies looking to drive product innovation, especially in IoT. The audience responded with laughter when Rod  asked who in the room was happy with their current ERP system, as no one had raised their hand. Rod pointed out that unfortunately, this is a common response, except for Kenandy customers as he shared “Who thinks of their ERP system as flexible, agile software? Kenandy customers.” Eddie Chen shared his experience as a Kenandy customer, where the Blue Clover Devices team was empowered to increase manufacturing efficiencies and harness the power of IoT innovation to drive fast-paced business growth. With his trademark passion and energy, Charlie Isaacs discussed the new Salesforce IoT Cloud and the flexibility of the Kenandy Cloud ERP architecture.

Lead Applications Engineer at Kenandy, Mark Masterson gave a fantastic technical presentation on Lightning components and Redux and had insightful questions from the engaged audience after his demo.

Founder and CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff and CTO, Parker Harris announced Einstein, an AI platform that will be embedded across Salesforce’s product line during the Dreamforce Opening Keynote. “We have 100 of the most incredible AI experts at Salesforce. Einstein is everybody’s data scientist,” Benioff shared.

Shubha Nabar, Director of Data Science at Salesforce, demonstrated how Einstein could help companies in real time, with one of the standout, and easy to understand features of Einstein- helping automatically align contacts, calendars and initiate a draft of an email for users that suggests times based on the Salesforce data. Einstein also made recommendations for calling specific prospects based on a lead scoring engine and it was clear that Salesforce’s Einstein, or it’s “AI for everyone” has incredible potential to automate processes in mere seconds, so sales team members (and others!) can spend time most effectively.

Benioff also highlighted Salesforce’s philanthropic goal for Dreamforce this year with the company’s partnership with RED. Salesforce SVP Philanthropy and Engagement, Ebony Frelix and CEO of RED, Deborah Dugan said that .30¢ per day can make a significant impact towards creating an AIDS-free generation.


Other highlights from the day include a Kenandy mention in the Salesforce CPQ Keynote and a clip of Daniel Peter, Lead Applications Engineer, Kenandy, in the Dreamforce Opening Keynote video. As usual, each day at Dreamforce has been packed with high-quality sessions and informative insights that empower companies to work better, faster, and smarter. We’re looking forward to more exciting content at Dreamforce this week!



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