Scott Fetzer Electrical Group Innovates with Kenandy

By Kathy Parker

Q: What do Hewlett-Packard, P. F. Chang’s, the Cleveland Browns FirstEnergy Stadium, and Blendtec (the “Will It Blend?” company…check out have in common?

A: They — along with scores of other well-known brands — all depend on behind-the-scene electrical parts from the Scott Fetzer Electrical Group to light up, time, cool, and power many front-and-center products (many of which you’ve probably seen and used). Here’s some background…

Consolidating three businesses into one

France Power Solutions, Northland Motor Technologies, and Kingston Products were each part of Scott Fetzer — a Berkshire Hathaway company — when the decision was made to merge the three individual organizations — all manufacturers of electrical or electromechanical products — into one: the Scott Fetzer Electrical Group (SFEG).

That one decision led to many more that had to be made around consolidation issues, not the least of which — though ultimately, one of the easiest to resolve — was which ERP system to consolidate on.

Cloud ERP that stands out

Prior to the consolidation, each of the individual SFEG businesses had been using versions of an on-premise ERP system, which was hastily reconfigured to serve the newly merged enterprise.

But that system had severe limitations — lack of visibility, difficult to use and configure for fast-changing business needs, weak reporting capabilities, no workflow/approvals capabilities, chief among them.

It quickly became apparent that a more modern system was needed to enable the consolidated organization to better compete in a world where its diverse products are used for a wide array of applications — from lighting up signs for movie theaters, sports stadiums, and car rental companies to helping to cool, time, control, and otherwise power a broad array of devices and appliances — from medical equipment and hospital beds to household vacuum cleaners and washing machines to industrial-strength blenders and room-sized 3D printers.

“I’d evaluated other cloud ERP solutions, and Kenandy really stood out,” explains Rob Goldiez, General Manager of SFEG. Having used Kenandy at his prior company, another manufacturer, Goldiez says he knew “there was nothing else out there that could really compete.”

Read the full story to find out how SFEG is innovating their business processes and products with Kenandy.


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