TEC Certifies Kenandy Cloud ERP

Kenandy has received certification by Technology Evaluation Center (TEC), a leading impartial advisory firm serving the enterprise software market. TEC certified Kenandy’s Cloud ERP solution this month and produced a comprehensive report on the solution.

“Kenandy has built a highly advanced cloud ERP platform that can successfully support both medium and large-size organizations,” says Ted Rhom, Senior ERP Analyst at TEC. “The analysis we conduct for these types of certifications is extensive, but we believe our neutral approach gives our customers the information they need to make decisions on the best software solutions for their needs.”

Kenandy Cloud ERP can now be found on TEC’s certified ERP solutions list. “Our customers clearly see and understand the value Kenandy Cloud ERP brings to their business,” says Chuck Berger, CEO, Kenandy. “But it’s always important to get objective analysis from respected and neutral industry experts, such as TEC, who are exposed to hundreds of enterprise platforms in any given year. Kenandy is proud of the TEC certification, and we look forward to continuing to innovate on our platform in the future.”

To view the TEC Kenandy certified solution report, click here.


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