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The world of manufacturing has evolved over the past thirty years.  Now, more than ever, companies need to be agile and efficient.  In the case of ERP software, technology can be the key differentiator. In order to be considered next generation ERP, you must use next generation technology.

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, when the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise(NCC-1701-D) embarked on their journey in the year 2364 (about 70 years after the original), they had the same mission as the crew from the original series: to explore new worlds and boldly go where no one has gone before.  The main difference between the two series was the advancement in technology of The Next Generation.  Captain Jean-Luc Picard did not set forth on the journey with the same ship that Captain Kirk used – no, he boarded a newer, faster, and more powerful ship for the expedition.


Kenandy has taken decades of manufacturing and ERP experience and built a newer, more agile and more powerful product from scratch.  Since Kenandy had a fresh start when developing its cloud ERP solution, it was able to avoid many of the problems that a legacy ERP company runs into when trying to move to the cloud. Kenandy Cloud ERP is a multitenant system that was built with social, mobile and global capabilities. Kenandy also changed the architecture of ERP with the development of Wide-Body Objects™.

Wide-Body Objects carry and share a robust amount of information, which makes your manufacturing processes much more agile and easier to manage.  This simplified design replaces the countless number of tables that need to be maintained with traditional ERP systems.

Wide Body Objects Cloud ERP

It feels like light-years since ERP software was first designed and created, but most companies are still using  legacy ERP systems to run their businesses.  With the next generation (millennials) joining the workforce, it is important for companies to empower them with the latest technologies that are easy to use, and give them the ability to work the way they want to work, with social and mobile capabilities. If you’re still using legacy ERP, it might be time for your company to cancel the series and board a new ship (no offense, William Shatner).

Does Kenandy Cloud ERP qualify as “Next Generation” ERP?  Read the Mint Jutras white paper to find out.


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