The Cloud: Enabler of the New Connected Economy

Cloud ERP is transforming businesses. All of Kenandy’s clients have witnessed this in various ways. A few examples:

  • The Merrow Sewing Machine Company started six new businesses because it’s so easy to get them started and see instant feedback.
  • Big Heart Pet Brands, a $2.3B enterprise, automated their sales order process.
  • The Scott Fetzer Electrical Group successfully engaged all of their employees in the new system, so now everyone has real-time visibility into the company’s operations.
  • Blue Clover Devices found it easy to add their own customized objects to make their business run more efficiently.

Cloud_Enabler_Cloud_ERP_KenandyIn the Forrester research report, “Cloud Evolves From Point Solution to Strategic Enabler of the New Connected Economy,” analyst Liz Herbert confirms the trend:  “The new metric for cloud success is not cost efficiency or even business agility. Cloud is not just a technology transformation opportunity—it’s a business transformation opportunity.”

In the new cloud economy, companies can transform their business processes and products to keep up with their competition, and then some. For example, companies can connect their products through the Internet to assess usage and product deficiencies. In that context, companies will start to deliver more and more of their products as a service, or Everything-as-a-Service.


Will Your Company Become a Cloud Company?

Taken to the extreme, many companies may become cloud companies themselves. Says Herbert:

“Cloud is evolving from an internal-facing point solution to an enabler of connected cloud economies. In this next phase of cloud, leading CIOs will orchestrate cloud ecosystems — which connect employees, customers, partners, and devices — to serve rising customer expectations. These cloud ecosystems have the potential to disrupt business models and revolutionize the customer experience. In this new cloud landscape, firms in every industry will shift from being simply cloud adopters to becoming cloud companies themselves.”

Read the Forrester research report to find out how the new cloud economy will disrupt business models, and how you can take advantage of it to transform and grow your business.


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