The Night Before Closing

‘Twas the night before closing, when all the shop floor

Had ground to a halt – just one big 404

The old ERP system – it gave up the ghost

Just when the company needed it most

Accountants were strung out, afraid, in denial

With no way efficiently to reconcile

The data, in systems that flung far and wide,

Was so hard to gather – they could not abide


The CEO sat in his office, aflutter,

“Our system just won’t let us grow,” he did mutter

“We needed support, to change and to grow

To keep up with the Joneses, to stay in the know.


“ERP’d be the answer – of that I was certain,

But now, for my business, it looks like it’s curtains

Without an alternative, I have to think

I’d say the whole company seems on the brink.”


When all of a sudden, bold trumpets did blare

Piercing the unhappy mood of the air

There were flashes of light, and some some loud claps of thunder

It seemed like his office would soon rip asunder


He opened his eyes, and what did he see

But a businessman looking as jolly as can be

Gliding in on a platform, announcing aloud,

“I’m here on my platform, the Salesforce App Cloud.


“I see that you’re worried,” he said with concern

“about growth, and your prospects, about how you will earn

the revenue, profits, and all the rewards

that you need display to your owners and boards.


“Well, I’m hear to help you, to make this place great

I’ll help you grow big and strong and innovate

I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again

I’ll tell you the how, and I’ll give you a when.”


“First, tell me your name,” the Chief asked, after a pause.

Said the businessman, smiling, “I’m Kenandy Claus.”

“And what is this platform you ride in on, so loud?”

“It’s magic, and it’s called the Salesforce App Cloud.”


“You help companies like mine? But how could that be

You look so relaxed – oh, so calm, worry-free

You can’t possibly know the stresses we’re under

Can you really do magic, I sit here and wonder?”


“Allow me to show you,” the Kenandy Claus said,

“The solution’s Kenandy – it gets you ahead.”

The Kenandy Claus smiled as he started to show

Kenandy helps businesses flourish and grow


“Other businesses, too, they were stuck in the mud

With ERP that was old, couldn’t change – was a dud!

They needed to grow, they needed to change

But nothing was out there that could so arrange


“Then along comes Kenandy, a new ERP

That is built on the cloud, all from scratch, natively

It gives you Financials.  And Quote to Cash, too.

And Procure to Pay, Planning and Production – woo-hoo!


“Also TPM – the future of business it seeded

And companies knew this was just what they needed.

They chose and they went with Kenandy’s one easy system.

And they tossed out their old ones; not one ever missed ‘em.


“It implements quickly; no need to go broke

With consultants and hardware and coding – no joke!

It makes the Connected Economy a snap

To join, and to leverage – it’s right in your lap


“Now, rather than days to come up with a quote

With Kenandy, it’s moments – your spirit will float

And soon as your product’s configured, I’d add

All the data’s available, just there to be had


“You’ll know what to quote, when it ships, what to bill

What price points to go for, which products to kill

Your orders – they’re touchless – all quite automated

Not at all like that old ERP you so hated!


“And everything’s seamlessly hooked with financials,

Reporting is easy – the benefits, substantial

Get real-time metrics for timely insight

Make quick changes as needed – an agile delight!


“And all of this data – so current, so fun,

Is there for accountants to process and run

Their reports pre-configured, and on-demand, too

It’s easy for them to drill down and accrue


“The period close is much faster, feels lighter

Your CPAs don’t have to pull an all-nighter

They don’t have to call on their partners, their spouses,

To cancel their plans, to feel like such louses!”


The CEO listened, his attention so rapt

A great need was addressed; a deep want was tapped

The Kenandy Claus Man knew from his head to his toes

He was just about done; it was time for HIS close


“To compete in the marketplace, for now and all time

You need to adapt, change, and turn on a dime

Kenandy accounts for this need, design-wise

It’s remarkably easy to customize


“New countries?  New products?  New partners?  New models?

Do whatever you need – you will never be throttled

You can innovate freely, and focus your care

On growing your business – not fixing software!”


“I’m convinced,” the Chief said, a gleam in his eye

“It’s the perfect solution, I’ll give it a try.”

The Kenandy Claus smiled; he knew what was in store

Another thrilled customer.  Now it’s time for some more!


He shook hands with the Chief, he gave him a hug

Then he reached for his platform and gave it a tug

He leapt into the air, and with magic endowed,

Began to head off on the Salesforce App Cloud


And once on that platform, he processed and ran

And returned to the ether, this Kenandy Claus Man

The Chief heard him exclaim, ‘ere he cached out of sight

“Better business to all, and to all, a good night!”

Kenandy Claus



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