Want to Manufacture Intelligent Products?

By Rob Goldiez, General Manager, Scott Fetzer Electrical Group

When three companies merged in 2010 to create the Scott Fetzer Electrical Group (SFEG), we had a vision of becoming the leader in intelligent power solutions by providing innovative technology, service, and excellence to our customers. We set out on a mission to combine our expertise in power supplies, motion controls, and drive systems to create a platform for new product development that would bring value to our customers and stakeholders. As we seek to take advantage of the huge advancements in manufacturing – automation technology, advanced manufacturing systems, data infrastructure projects and data science – our internal mentality must change to create room for these new opportunities.

If your organization is on a similar journey, my advice is, don’t just look to improve your products. We have great product ideas, but after integrating three disparate companies into one back-office system, we saw that our processes were our weak spot. We first had to get more strategic about our core business and evaluate the way we operated, our resources, and our capabilities before we could change up our product lines. Look at your processes and ask yourself, do we have visibility into the core business? Have we streamlined and automated our processes? And what would we have to change to get the agility we need in order to transform our business?

To find out more, please read Rob’s article in Manufacturing Business Technology.


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