Helix Linear Technologies Mobilizes for Efficiency with Kenandy Cloud ERP


You probably have no idea just how often you depend on the products of Helix Linear Technologies, but when you do, it’s frequently in a situation that affects your health or safety. That’s because the company’s precision lead and acme screws enable the reliable performance of a wide variety of medical and electronic devices—from syringe pumps and hospital beds to MRI machines, security cameras and airplane seats.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Nook Industries, Helix Linear was established in 2010 to serve some key—yet underserved and growing—markets for lead and acme screws around the world. But rather than adopt Nook’s existing ERP system, Helix wanted to start with a cloud-based system that would provide the kind of flexibility, mobility and seamless integration with Salesforce that they needed from the get-go—none of which Nook’s legacy system could offer. Helix selected Kenandy.


“With Kenandy’s cloud-based ERP, we can do things that just aren’t possible with a legacy, on-premise system,” says Chris Nook, CEO of Helix Linear Technologies. “Because it’s native to the Salesforce1 Platform, Kenandy enables us to leverage the enormous Salesforce ecosystem, while also delivering unparalleled flexibility and mobility benefits.”

For a sales rep, being able to track orders and check inventory out in the field in real time is a real advantage. Using Kenandy on mobile devices, Helix’s sales team has instant access to all the information they need, wherever they are—right at a customer’s workbench, for example. “Our sales people are using mobile devices to manage their sales opportunities and check inventory and orders,” explains Nook.

When customers—almost all engineers—are working on prototypes, they need to know how quickly they can get delivery of a particular screw or nut. Armed with Kenandy on a mobile device, Helix sales people can tell customers—on the spot—if that part is in stock. Helix machinists back at the shop also use Kenandy on their tablets, so they can easily pull up work orders—which now have drawings attached—and quickly produce the required parts.


Nook says that mobility was a big game changer for Helix when they selected Kenandy. “What it does for us in our manufacturing environment is it allows a customer to order something, and that order can then end up on the shop floor literally within seconds.”

You can view a video of Helix mobilizing for efficiency with Kenandy.


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