Helix: Why We Chose Cloud ERP

Helix-Kenandy-Cloud-ERP-blogA wholly owned subsidiary of Nook Industries, Helix Linear Technologies was established in 2010 to serve some key—yet underserved and growing—markets for lead and acme screws around the world. But rather than adopt Nook’s existing ERP system, Helix wanted to start with a cloud-based system that would provide the kind of flexibility, mobility and seamless integration with Salesforce that they needed from the get-go—none of which Nook’s legacy system could offer. Helix selected Kenandy.

“With Kenandy’s cloud-based ERP, we can do things that just aren’t possible with a legacy, on-premise system,” says Chris Nook, CEO of Helix Linear Technologies. “Because it’s native to the Salesforce1 Platform, Kenandy enables us to leverage the enormous Salesforce ecosystem, while also delivering unparalleled flexibility and mobility benefits.”

John McLoughlin, Helix’s CIO and VP of Marketing, made a presentation at Dreamforce last month to explain why Helix moved their ERP to the cloud, and why they chose Kenandy.

Moving Your ERP to the Cloud from Kenandy, Inc.


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