The Cloud Drives Agility into Your Customer Ecosystem

kenandy_cloud_erp_forrester_blogIn a blog last week, Forrester analyst TJ Keitt wrote about the impact the cloud has on the “customer experience ecosystem,” which includes customers, partners, and employees. In a related report, Forrester examined how the cloud can help customers drive agility into their ecosystems. The basic tenets are:

  • Lowered business cost of experimentation
  • Faster development and delivery of innovations

In the latter case, Keitt cites Kenandy as one of the companies that is driving innovation by developing an end-to-end ERP system on the Salesforce1 Platform. In turn, Kenandy enables its customers to use the same tools to customize the product. Most customers have taken advantage of the “point and click” capabilities to customize fields, and some customers have used the tools to add functionality.

Kenandy customers can also attest to the “lowered business cost of experimentation.” For example, the Merrow Sewing Machine Company was able to start six new businesses on Kenandy because it is so easy to set them up, and see instant results.

How has the cloud helped you drive agility into your business?


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