This post is a contribution by Marie Jackson, CMO at Kenandy.

We recently announced that Kenandy has joined Avalara’s community of certified solution partners to help manufacturers simplify tax reporting and compliance with increasingly complicated tax regulations. I’ll admit that tax compliance automation might not sound super exciting, but after returning from CRUSH, Avalara’s national tax compliance automation conference in New Orleans, and I swear the content and people at this conference actually made taxes seem fun. (You may have to remind me of this next April!)

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While my assumption is that tax compliance is complex, as I’ve learned more, I find it truly mind-boggling exactly how complicated this is for businesses. Tax complexity across regions can be a significant barrier to business growth. Recently one of Kenandy’s customers assessed expansion into new states, but meeting all of the different tax requirements initially posed a serious challenge to moving forward. Now using Avalara’s tax automation SaaS with Kenandy, tax compliance issues don’t pose the same challenge and our customer can focus on growing their business. Many companies are still trying to manage taxes with Excel spreadsheets or QuickBooks and they know all too well, exactly how difficult it is to confidently and efficiently calculate tax obligations without some seriously specialized software.

Tax calculations no longer need to be top of mind for businesses because Avalara’s software automatically processes tax calculations based on the data within Kenandy’s cloud ERP.

The entire process, from the moment an estimate is generated on a sales order, through invoice creation, all tax calculations occur automatically. The combination of Kenandy and Avalara increases operational efficiency and lowers the risk of penalties from an audit. It’s so much more simple than guessing or trying to pass as a sales tax expert in more than 12,000 ever-changing tax jurisdictions, because Avalara does it for you, right inside Kenandy’s end-to-end cloud ERP.

The Kenandy and Avalara partnership can save companies a lot of time and anxiety about getting taxes right—across dozens of international jurisdictions. Additionally, customers can get insight into the tax implications of critical business decisions before taking action. It’s easy to see how valuable this data visibility is for companies. Who wants to guess about risking tax consequences of mission-critical business decisions? No one.

Now you can leverage the Avalara and Kenandy partnership to confidently move forward with data-driven decision making.

CRUSH was a great event and I was really impressed with the people I connected with. It is clear that Avalara is committed to great customer service, removing barriers to growth, automating formerly complicated processes and building seamless integrations that simplify operations and deliver value for customers. I have to say, at times I felt like I was at a Kenandy conference because Avalara’s values are so aligned with ours, though I think that’s a sign of an excellent partnership. I left the conference really inspired by the energy at CRUSH and the benefits that this new partnership can offer Kenandy customers.


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