Kenandy to Announce New Innovations at the Gartner Supply Chain Conference


The Gartner Supply Chain Conference, which takes place this week in Phoenix, is the premier annual gathering of supply chain leaders. We’re one of the sponsors of the event, and will present a session titled “Kenandy: Transformational Case Studies of the New Cloud, Mobile, Social Supply Chain.” The speakers are Sandy Kurtzig and John Wookey, Kenandy Board Member and Salesforce EVP of Social Applications. They’ll present case studies of companies, such as Big Heart Pet Brands (formerly Del Monte Foods), that have transformed their businesses to move more quickly into new markets and empower people to work together more effectively.

The innovations that we’ll be showcasing include real-time general ledger and real-time traceability. Kenandy Cloud ERP instantly creates and records detailed journal entries in the real-time general ledger when a business transaction occurs.  Along with the appropriate accounting information, Kenandy captures all the underlying details of transactions, such as sales orders or purchase orders, in one central place. You can run consolidations anytime, for a subsidiary or enterprise. With the appropriate privileges, you can easily correct transaction errors and see the results with Kenandy’s instant replay functionality. The real-time visibility always lets you know how your business is doing, so you can make changes or react to new opportunities as they arise.

Inventory traceability is important for most product companies, especially businesses involved with the global life sciences and food. Kenandy keeps track of every component as it’s combined, split apart or recombined to form work-in-progress and finished goods. The entire genealogy about your products, including who worked on them, when and how they were produced, tested and packaged, is recorded in real-time. The ability to get instant, global access to this kind of information is essential to managing your business and minimizing your risk.

Says Kurtzig, “Kenandy is the ERP business platform for modern global enterprises. Our architecture supports continuous real-time visibility into all aspects of your operations. The instant availability of data, along with Kenandy’s flexible reporting capabilities, give you the insights you need to know about your business today and plan for future innovations.”

Sandy and John will be speaking at the conference on Tuesday, May 20, at 3:30 PM.


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