Making time to visit with people who make things

Tomorrow (October 2) is Manufacturing Day – a day old industrial barons like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford might appreciate.  Kenandy appreciates it, too.  As our customers are manufacturers who make everything from pet food to electrical parts to energy storage devices to reusable bags, we’ve learned a thing or two about the challenges facing modern manufacturers, and how cloud ERP can make it easier for these companies to manage their business and improve competitiveness.  Manufacturing Day is designed for the general public to learn a thing or two about the industry as well.

On Manufacturing Day, North American manufacturers open their doors to the public to reveal what manufacturing is really like in the 21st Century (hint: no antiquated, dirty factories).  It also serves to highlight the potential of modern manufacturing and promote interest in manufacturing careers.

Some of the industries taking part in Manufacturing Day include metal fabrication and machining, plastics, food processing, chemical and biotechnology, and aerospace, among others.  On display will be the latest in manufacturing technologies and techniques, such as robotics, 3D printing, and nanotechnology, as well as time-honored traditional manufacturing methods such as winemaking.

This is the fourth year of the annual event, which has grown from 240 manufacturers in 2012 to more than 2000 now. Community and technical colleges also participate.  Events range from factory and plant tours to Q&A and educational sessions to career days to special videos and Web sites to hands-on demonstrations.  Events are both in-person and online.

Anyone curious about modern manufacturing can find a nearby Manufacturing Day event on the Manufacturing Day Web site’s Find an Event page. You can search events by country, state/province, and city.

Kenandy is pleased to be working with some of these innovative manufacturers.  We highly recommend attending a local event, if possible, or an online event if not.  And if you can attend, you might be surprised by how clean, “high-tech,” and innovative your local manufacturing company has become.

Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford wouldn’t recognize the place.


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