The Stuff Dreamforce was Made of

Another day, another massive Dreamforce gone (this time, up to 170,000 strong). Kenandy is pleased to have participated both as a vendor in the Cloud Expo and as presenters in four different sessions.

On Day 1 of Dreamforce, Vice President of Marketing Stewart Florsheim kicked off an SRO panel discussion on embedding Help and other forms of user assistance into Salesforce apps. Judging by the sold-out attendance, vendors and developers are taking seriously Salesforce’s relentless focus on the customer, and actively looking for ways to make their own customers successful. Later, at a sold-out reception that evening, famed business author Geoffrey Moore previewed themes from his next book. Moore identified four zones of innovation – incubation, productivity, transformation, and performance – and advised us all to expect more disruption – in business models, operating models, and infrastructure models.


On Day 3, Kenandy customer Scott Fetzer Electric Group, represented by General Manager Rob Goldiez, joined with other cloud ERP customers to address the challenges and extol the virtues of moving key business operations to the cloud. All participants told tales of rapid ROI and significant cost savings. Later that day, in the Developer Zone, Kenandy Application Engineer Mark Masterson discussed how to integrate machine learning capabilities into the Salesforce1 Platform. Masterson leveraged certain machine learning techniques – including using training data to “teach” your algorithm (hint: you can’t use treats to make algorithms learn, as you can with dogs). Machine learning, said Masterson, can enhance your decision-making in Salesforce.


Kenandy is Lightning-ready, and Dreamforce Day 4 saw Lead Application Developer Daniel Peter discuss what it took to build a reporting app using Lightning Components. He emphasized the importance of navigation, for example to enable your customers to drill down into the details of a report.  Peter added that you can use some of the techniques he demonstrated to build other apps.

Both developer sessions were heavily attended.


Meanwhile, on the Expo floor, Kenandy delivered 1000 chocolate “Kenandy Bars” to hungry and sugar-starved showgoers.

DF Kenandy Bar

Other takeaways from the Expo floor: Salesforce’s dedication to customer happiness is contagious, trickling down to partners, ISVs, everyone – likely contributing significantly to Salesforce’s anticipated growth to become the fourth largest software company in the world by the end of next year. Also, there was a substantial proliferation of the number of vendors hawking “ERP in the cloud.” True for some, a stretch for others. But ERP is vast, complex, and by the time the last vendor broke down its booth in the Cloud Expo it was clear Kenandy remains the only vendor offering a complete end-to-end ERP application developed 100% on the Salesforce platform.

We think that’s big. But perhaps the biggest takeaway of all: Only 375 days until Dreamforce 2016!


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