As Technology Continues to Drive Business in 2015, Some New Trends Will Unfold

tech_trends_blog_cloud_erpI have watched technology evolve monumentally throughout my career. Processes that once took hours or even days to complete are now available instantly and via mobile device. With technology so pervasive, it’s fascinating to see how it continues to shape the workforce. Here are a few business technology trends I think will become more common in 2015:

1. Continued movement from on-premise to hybrid and cloud-based solutions

I anticipate that the adoption of cloud-based solutions will create unprecedented opportunity for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) services and platforms – but even a growing market can only support so many “winners” in each category. Expect competition to be fierce as vendors fight to be “best of breed.”

2. The ‘I’ in CIO will transition to Innovation

Between the increased availability of enterprise software, the influx of data sources from across the business, the growth of the Internet of Things, and the complexity of IT infrastructure (on-premise, cloud, and hybrid), CIOs are being forced to become innovation officers to make sense of it all. This new type of CIO will not simply “maintain” the existing infrastructure, but will drive business transformation through identifying new operational efficiencies and driving adoption of new technology. As this shift occurs, CIOs will become increasingly sophisticated about their software stack — seeking technology partners who can meet their requirements for overall business success and long-term growth.

3. An ecosystem for SaaS providers and their customers will emerge

The SaaS model is quickly thinning the line between customer and software provider. Because of the different license model for SaaS, vendors must be responsive and collaborative with their customers to keep them engaged. SaaS providers and their customers will look to each other as partners. Enterprises have a lot of choices, and will partner where they feel they can have the most influence.

I look forward to watching these changes unfold and the countless opportunities they will create for people and businesses around the world.


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