Churn in the SAP Nation

SAP_Nation_Kenandy_BlogVinnie Mirchandani has a prediction, and he documented it in his new book, SAP Nation. His big prediction is that more and more SAP users will abandon ship and start embracing the more agile, cost-effective cloud solutions. 

His book documents the rise and decline of SAP. Although the company is still doing well, many of their clients are starting to consider other solutions. Some are “ring fencing” SAP with cloud solutions, while others are either jumping ship, or considering SAP and then deciding on other solutions.

Says Mirchandani, “The customers I talked to are the “canaries in the coal mine.” They are the early movers. Many have taken significant risks in making these decisions as the case studies in the book elaborate. Most, however, are reporting excellent payback. I repeatedly heard savings in the 30 to 60 percent range. I heard about agility and speed improvements.”

One of the people Mirchandani spoke to is Dave McLain, CIO of Big Heart Pet Brands. McLain evaluated SAP before deciding on Kenandy. He chose Kenandy because of the software pedigree of the founders, and he was also pleased that Kenandy would be able to leverage the power of the Salesforce Platform.

In his section on Big Heart, Mirchandani concludes: “A decade ago, a large company like Big Heart Pet Brands would have likely gone with a safe choice like SAP or Oracle. It is a sign of changing times that companies are increasingly finding that the bigger risk is missing out on the opportunity to work smarter with younger, more responsive vendors.”


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