Primus Power: You Can’t Spell “Power” Without “ERP”

Primus Power blog - power gridThat’s certainly true for Hayward, California-based Primus Power.  Primus Power’s advances in energy storage help stabilize the electric grid by making it easier for energy producers to employ a “flexible capacity” strategy to meet peak demand more reliably and economically.  Primus Power products also help energy companies smoothly integrate the supply generated from renewable sources.  Doing this requires configurable products that can better meet the dynamic needs of a range of customers.  Using spreadsheets to track and manage inventory and the supply chain simply doesn’t scale to support that level of complexity.

That’s where Kenandy Cloud ERP comes in.  As an existing Salesforce customer, Primus Power was already benefiting from the efficiencies made possible by the cloud.  Why not try to apply those same efficiencies to the design and purchase of its state-of-the-art energy storage products? A stroll through the AppExchange brought Kenandy to Primus Power’s attention, and a third-party ERP implementer validated the choice of Kenandy.

The flexibility that’s native to the Salesforce Platform and built right into Kenandy turned out to be an excellent match for Primus.  With the speed at which Primus Power brings solutions to market, and a dynamic business model, the design of a product can change even as it’s being built.  Using Kenandy, engineers can introduce a new part in minutes and place a purchase request immediately thereafter.  Designers and technicians can add fields to objects and create new reports to provide a full supply/demand picture and get visibility into the cost equation, in real time.

The business Primus Power is engaged in may be complex.  But with Kenandy, its business operations have been simplified.  That’s the benefit — and the power — of cloud ERP.  To read more about Primus’ success with Kenandy, please see Den Howlett’s article in Diginomica.


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