Blue Clover Devices: Thinking Globally, Speaking Locally

Blue_Clover_Kenandy_BlogBlue Clover Devices is an original design manufacturer (ODM) that produces UL-certified power and audio accessories for some of the world’s most popular digital devices. As a growing company with offices in San Francisco and Shenzhen, China, they have unique challenges related to conducting business in multiple languages and currencies.

“Our prior ERP system only let us use one language,” says Blue Clover Devices President and Co-founder Pete Staples. “Kenandy’s global capabilities are a real benefit for us because everyone can use the system in his or her own language. Now we’re all on the same page, but in the language each of us fully understands. And Kenandy’s multicurrency capability also makes it easy for us to do our purchasing in Chinese renminbi and U.S. dollars.”

Pete Staples made a presentation at Dreamforce in October explaining why Blue Clover needed a cloud ERP solution, and why he chose Kenandy.


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