Global Financials

Designed for companies that design, manufacture and distribute products, Kenandy Global Financials give you real-time visibility into business performance with secure access from anywhere, anytime and on any device. 

  • Flexible, multi-segment chart of accounts for fast analysis and business changes
  • Pre-close dashboards for prompt issue identification
  • Flexible accounting rules engine and up-to-the-minute income statements, balance sheets and other financial statements on demand, exportable into .pdf or .csv
  • Easy creation of custom reports with Salesforce’s robust native toolset
  • Fast, easy drill-down access all the way to the individual transactions underlying any balance, directly from the reconciliation summary page or any financial statement

Payables, Receivables, Cash and Asset Management

With Kenandy, you will have detailed, accurate and up-to-the-second financial information on demand, so you can make critical and timely business decisions and close your books much more efficiently. And because it’s built on the Salesforce Platform, it will easily change and grow as your business requirements demand.

  • Front office and back office applications both on the same platform
  • Automated reconciliation, including one-click access to a detailed transaction list
  • Discount capture, supplier credit memo management and purchase price variance tracking
  • Auto-cash application, deduction and credit memo management

Global Commerce

Kenandy Global Financials includes a robust set of global tax capabilities designed for midsize companies and large enterprises doing business with subsidiaries, divisions, customers, partners, and employees across international borders.

  • Fast, easy setup for 143 countries and integration with exchange rate feeds and management of foreign exchange
  • Automatic calculation of duties, tariffs, foreign exchange, and VAT with each international transaction
  • Calculation of all forms of import and export taxes
  • Automatic production of customs documents 

Multi-Currency, Multi-Lingual Design

Kenandy gives you everything you need to manage your business tax transactions, cross-border trading and reporting into new countries.

  • Do business in almost any currency
  • Quickly manage and set up FX exposure
  • Import daily or monthly rates automatically