Supply Chain

Get complete traceability of every component and every item throughout the supply chain with Kenandy’s Cloud ERP.

  • Whether you’re a manufacturer, a made-to-order supplier, or a distribution service provider, Kenandy Cloud ERP combines ease-of-use supply chain requirements with powerful, coordinated features, mobility and reporting  
  • Your employees and business partners get easy connectivity to a “single source of truth” and work together to get products to market faster
  • With Kenandy Cloud ERP, you get the benefits of a powerful supply chain system that’s 100% cloud-based with social collaboration and mobile access throughout

Quickly Adapt

Adapt your planning and production process quickly to meet your changing business needs with Kenandy’s Cloud ERP.


  • Integration from orders to perform what-if or on-demand forecasts and run what-if and actual MRP in memory, anytime
  • Model and plan supply chain costs for multiple scenarios, and separate supply chain cost and profit planning from cost accounting


  • Work order creation, kitting, dekitting,  shortage management and robust support for multiple manufacturing models
  • Material routing, tracking, reporting, costing and assemblies, items, completed inventory, and scrap tracking

Complete stock ID traceability at every level and stage.


  • Bill of materials, work center management, assembly, engineering change order (ECO) and routing management
  • Adjust cost projections in concert with product changes and integrate with Arena Solutions for seamless PLM


  • Receiving, stock transfer, scanner support,nearly touchless day-to-day operations 
  • Track and manage inventory by item grade, color, or other factors