Sandy Kurtzig


Software industry pioneer Sandra Kurtzig has been the founder, co-founder, and investor in many successful software companies.  She founded her first company, the ASK Group, with $2,000 when she was 24 years old.  ASK created the groundbreaking MANMAN product family of enterprise management software still in use today.   During her 20-year tenure as founder, chairman and CEO of the ASK Group, Kurtzig grew the company into one of the ten largest software companies in the world with annual revenues of nearly $1 Billion.

In 2011 Kurtzig founded Kenandy and is once again transforming the world of enterprise software, yet this time on the cloud with a SaaS model. Currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Sandra Kurtzig also led Kenandy as CEO from it’s founding through August 2015.

Kurtzig has been widely covered in the media and has received numerous business awards. Kurtzig was the first woman to take a technology company public. Her best-selling autobiography, CEO: Building a $400 Million Company from the Ground Up, was published by Harvard Business School Press and is available on and on Google Books.

She has served on the boards of Harvard Business School, Hoover Institution, Stanford’s School of Engineering, Stanford Engineering Strategic Council, UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management, and UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Management.

Kurtzig has a B.S. in mathematics from UCLA and an M.S. in aeronautical engineering from Stanford University.

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