Implementation Partners

Kenandy is on a mission to reinvent ERP.  Built on the Salesforce App Cloud with a revolutionary new architecture, Kenandy provides an end-to-end ERP with unprecedented functionality and agility.  For customers, Kenandy ERP means they no longer have to shackle their business processes to the constraints of an ERP.  Instead, Kenandy maps to their business processes, enabling greater operational efficiency, innovation and growth.  Our customers’ success is fueling our own success.  Kenandy is the fastest growing end-to-end ERP solution on the market.

  • Adapt the software to your business processes
  • Ramp up fully in weeks, not years.
  • Make ERP changes for business needs-anytime
  • Easily expand into new products or markets

Become a Kenandy Implementation Partner

Kenandy’s rapid growth offers partners a unique opportunity to scale their business. By becoming a Kenandy Cloud ERP Implementation Partner, you will have the ability to consult, implement and serve a growing roster of companies in the Kenandy ecosystem. Expand your business in the cloud and develop expertise on the Salesforce App Cloud, home of more than 2,700 ISVs. Key benefits include:

  • Win big by working with the leading next generation ERP solution
  • Expand your footprint into the Salesforce ecosystem
  • Work with leading edge Platform as a Service technology

Featured Kenandy Implementation Partners

We partner with teams who are committed to customer success.