Referral Partners

As a Kenandy Referral Partner, you will be able to refer Kenandy to mid-sized manufacturers or distributors looking for cloud ERP solutions.  The Kenandy Referral Partner program is an opportunity to quickly drive new revenue for your business by participating in the fast moving trend towards Cloud ERP adoption – and by partnering with Kenandy, one of the market leaders in this space.


Additional benefits of becoming a Kenandy Referral Partner include:

  • Bundling your specialized services with Kenandy Cloud ERP
  • Exclusive access to information on Kenandy features, benefits, and new product releases
  • Access to co-branded marketing materials, webinars, events, and whitepapers
  • The knowledge customers you refer to Kenandy will benefit from using a next generation Cloud ERP solution
  • For referrals, Kenandy offers up to 10% of the 1st year license

There’s no cost or ongoing requirement for membership in the Kenandy Referral Partner Program. In addition, Kenandy carries the responsibility for the sales process, delivering Kenandy Cloud ERP to the customer, and providing on-going service.

Referral Partner Inquiry

Learn more about Kenandy's Referral Partner Program. Submit your information to learn about our Partner Program selection process, cloud ERP training opportunities and referral bonuses.